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Philanthropy is a Team Sport at 6sense

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We’ll all remember 2020 as a year of change. Day-to-day routines were drastically altered. Events in the news challenged everyone to reconsider what had “always been.” While nobody denies that change can be uncomfortable (even frightening at times), it can also be exactly what’s needed to grow as a person and as a society.

When 6sense went remote in March 2020, it was clear to our San Francisco Office Manager, Eric Waldron, that many of the projects he oversaw would need to be adjusted. One of those projects was GoodSense, the company’s charitable giving program. Prior to the pandemic, GoodSense was about volunteering in the community, in-person, and as a team.

Eric Waldron, Officer Manager at 6sense

As businesses everywhere were shutting their doors, Eric explained how “we started to rethink our status as employees because we were still employed — gainfully employed!” As this sunk in, a new plan unfolded: use the budget typically spent on in-office perks, and instead, donate it to charitable organizations nominated by the team.

Eric wasn’t sure what kind of feedback to expect, but after sending out a message  informing everyone of this new plan, he received what he referred to as a tidal wave of positive responses and suggestions. “I think that’s the kind of person we bring on [at 6sense]. All for one, and one for all…it’s all of us or none of us.”

Donating to organizations that are close to home

Moved and encouraged by the team’s support, Eric started receiving charitable nominations from employees, oftentimes with stories about why these causes were important to them and their community. He reviewed each and every one, and decided which cause 6sense would donate to that week. Now, Eric sends an email to the team every Friday, providing information about the selected organization’s mission. Needless to say, everyone looks forward to Eric’s Friday emails.

As a result of this change, GoodSense donated to more than 35 charitable donations in 2020, including Black Lives MatterCalifornia Fire Foundation, and Daymaker, the holiday giving campaign that allowed 6sense employees to send over 886 gifts to 238 kids in December.

When asked about his long-term vision for the program, Eric replied, “I want to continue engaging the team, to really support the people that they support so that they know we support them.”

6sense is so lucky to have employees like Eric who give their time and energy to help others.

Learn more about the causes supported by GoodSense in 2020:

Brina Moore

Brina Moore

Brina Moore is the Community Marketing Manager for 6sense. She has been creating internal and customer-facing content for the B2B SaaS space for nearly four years. She publishes and amplifies content to celebrate the advancement of technology developed by diverse, inclusive, and thriving business teams.

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