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6sense and Outreach: The New Partnership Sales Teams Need Now

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The world is constantly changing for businesses and consumers alike. The way we relate andthe way we buy and sell has shifted with our recently virtual-first lifestyle — and sales and marketing teams need technology that can keep up. More than ever, teams need to be able to cultivate intelligent, account-based insights that help them deepen engagement with target accounts.

As an AI-powered account engagement platform, we align sales and marketing with the data they need to engage the right accounts at the right moment in the buyer journey. We monitor and analyze buyer intent at scale, identify prospects who are in-market for our customers’ solutions, orchestrate consistent experiences across channels, and measure meaningful account-based results. This kind of deep account-based insight and engagement is critical to driving efficiency and success for marketing and sales.

But once marketing has warmed a target account and 6sense predicts that they’re in-market to make a purchase decision, the next actions are up to the individual sales rep. The combination of having comprehensive account and contact data, the right workflow, a customized cadence, and personalized messaging based on buyer behavior can be the difference between a loss and a win. That’s where our new partnership with Outreach comes in.

Personalizing the buying and selling experience with 6sense and Outreach

Outreach is the market-leading sales engagement platform, at the forefront of innovation for sales teams. We’ve recently partnered with Outreach to further empower companies to orchestrate account-based strategies at every stage of the buyer journey — across marketing, sales, and customer success.

Whereas our platform collects uniquely relevant, rich data to help sales and marketing select the best accounts and contacts to work, Outreach is complementary — a platform for sales reps to drive smarter engagement and build better relationships with customers. Here are a few key aspects of the platform to consider:

  • Sequences. Outreach helps sales reps by creating a measurable series of touchpoints to drive deeper engagement with buyers. With capacity to send the right messaging at the right time, Outreach centralizes account and prospect data into a single platform, without the guesswork.
  • Every communication channel on one platform. For all the ways you engage with prospects and customers — email, phone call, text message, social media, direct mail, video, calendaring, etc. — Outreach provides a single platform for every communication channel.
  • Scalable personalization. It’s one thing to know when and how to reach out to a prospect… it’s another to provide personalized, consistent messaging. Real-time customer engagement insights enable sales reps to build a library of effective, on-brand messaging tailored to specific personas.

The business benefits of uniting 6sense and Outreach

For customers of 6sense and Outreach, our partnership means a union of insight and education around intent and engagement data necessary to target the right accounts and contacts, as well as the predictable, real-time pace at which to engage and ultimately increase conversion rates. Sales intelligence technology such as ours helps sales reps focus on the more human moments throughout the buyer journey. Together, 6sense and Outreach help marketing and sales spend less on the time-consuming, calculated risks of sifting through seemingly qualified leads and haphazardly reaching out to them.

Fewer clicks, deeper engagement: how the platforms work together

To get technical, our integration with Outreach provides sales with the right contacts in the buying center at the right time (via 6sense) in order to initiate relevant Sequences (via Outreach). Here are some features associated with 6sense Sales Intelligence that can save sales valuable time and effort, and yield better results in the process:

  • More relevant conversations. With 6sense Sales Intelligence providing reps with deep insights about anonymous and known buyer behavior within accounts — including the topics buyers care most about, as well as how and when they’re engaging with your brand — sales reps using Outreach can match that intelligence to select the best Sequence that’s aligned with their prospect.
  • Add a contact to an Outreach Sequence. Sales Intelligence uses AI to map the account buying center and predict contact engagement levels compared to previous opportunities, so reps know which contacts to focus on engaging next. Reps can add contacts to an Outreach Sequence with just one click.
  • Next Best Action predictions. With a prioritized list of AI-driven recommended actions and key talking points via Sales Intelligence, sales reps can better prioritize their day and make stronger connections with buyers.

When sales and marketing align on who to target, when, and with what messaging, the focus can stay on the prospect and their journey: their pain points, their timeline, their potential cross-sell or upsell opportunities. We’re proud to have joined the Outreach Galaxy. By doing so, we’re continuing to bridge the gap between touchpoints and help sales and marketing teams deliver more personalized experiences to prospects every step of the way.

Learn more about the key features of our integration with Outreach.

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