Ditch the Guesswork & Proceed with Confidence

A Message from Our CEO

In these times of uncertainty, conventional wisdom tells us to proceed with caution. But 6sense CEO Jason Zintak has another take. Organizations that eliminate guesswork across their go-to-market efforts can proceed with confidence and succeed — in any climate.

A Bold, Bright Vision for B2B Marketing and Sales

For more than a decade, cloud-based marketing and sales automation tools have promised to bring predictability to revenue generation. Yet today, only 6% of B2B organizations that adopted SaaS technologies are reliably hitting their revenue forecasts.

“These days, when uncertainty is everywhere, predictability in revenue generation is more important than ever.”

The reason those technologies have fallen short is that they are very good at automation but very bad at predicting the future. Which means we’ve spent a decade relying on guesswork and gut instincts to determine how to predictably grow revenue — and largely missing the mark.

This approach to sales and marketing is astonishingly expensive, creating $2 trillion in waste each year, according to Boston Consulting Group.

I’ve seen this waste firsthand throughout my career — first as a BDR, then as a seller, and eventually as a revenue leader and CEO. Time and money squandered on the wrong efforts.

Companies obsess over driving visitors to their websites, but when they finally get them there, only 3% fill out a form. The rest are ignored — 97% of buyer interest effectively thrown away because companies don’t know how to capture, analyze, and use the data buyers leave behind as they do their research.

At the same time, sales efforts are so bogged down in presumptions and chasing the wrong leads that salespeople only spend 35% of their time actually selling. Quarter after quarter, companies miss revenue and pipeline forecasts, despite the best efforts of everyone involved.

Revenue leaders are frustrated by stalled growth. Their teams are discouraged and burned out. Everyone feels the impact.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, this moment requires every business leader to stand up and say, enough. It can’t be this way.

We need more from our technology than automation. We need it to help us accurately plan, execute, and measure success with the certainty these times demand. We need decisioning and insights powered by big data and AI, and we need them across the entire go-to-market process.

Whether it’s delivering a dead-on pipeline forecast, determining where to spend a tightening budget, or knowing which messages will move the needle, data and AI are imperative for replacing ambiguity with clarity, trading hunches for predictability, and rejecting the wasted time, money, and effort we’ve tolerated for far too long.

“We need more from our technology than automation. We need decisioning and insights powered by big data and AI.”

The fact is, marketers and sellers are only asking for what their peers are already benefiting from. Just look around the leadership table: Operations, finance, and just about every other discipline have already been leveraging data and AI with impressive outcomes. There’s no reason revenue professionals shouldn’t have the same leg up.

At 6sense, we use our own data and AI-fueled platform and have seen for ourselves what a difference it makes when guesswork is out of the equation. We’ve doubled our revenue each of the past three years and experienced tremendous growth by every measure. Our customers see similar success, averaging 2X bigger average deal sizes, 20% better conversions, and 30% faster deal cycles.

Revenue leaders have a choice in front of them: Will they continue to accept guesswork and the $2 trillion of waste it causes? Or will they meet the current moment with the certainty and tools it requires?

I invite you to join me and thousands of other leaders who have embraced big data and AI to attain predictable, efficient revenue growth. It’s the only way for sellers and marketers to proceed with confidence — whatever lies ahead.


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