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It’s impossible to have 1:1 conversations with every account on your target list, right? Wrong. Meet Conversational Email, your amazing AI-powered email assistant.

Conversational Email helps you close more deals by putting email outreach and lead nurturing on autopilot.

We get it; that probably sounds too good to be true. That’s why you should sign up for a demo. Prepare to be wowed.

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What is Conversational Email?

Conversational Email uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and personalize email outreach. AI assistants initiate and reply to email conversations with prospects, responding to their specific needs and interests, and scheduling meetings and demos. 

Conversational Email can boost deal flow by proactively engaging with accounts, quickly responding to leads with context-aware tailored responses, and prequalifying leads.

It can also be used to warm up cold leads, and nurture leads by delivering targeted content to prospects at different stages of the buying process

Four Ways to Use Conversational Email

Here are some specific use cases that highlight the benefits of conversational email:

Accelerate the buyers’ journey

One of the best ways to increase win rates is to engage multiple members of a buying team. But that outreach is time-consuming. AI email assistants can engage in limitless conversations, helping you build interest across your buyers’ organizations

Rev up stalled opportunities

Sometimes great prospects go cold. Conversational email assistants can keep watch over these accounts, sending informative content that can resurface interest and re-engage lost opportunities.

Find unexpected wins

Inbound opportunities from accounts outside your ICP often get ignored in favor of prospects that are the best fit and are ready to buy now. But an opportunity is still an opportunity, and AI email assistants can help make sure even non-ICP fit accounts get directed to the appropriate channels.

Increase cross-sell/upsell

Use Conversational Email to stay in touch with existing customers and let them know about additional services that are relevant to their business. Generative AI can assist customer success teams and pass customers along to the right person for deeper conversations.

The Huge Impact of Conversational Email

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