Get Market-Leading Insights Into Buyer Behavior

B2B buyers today conduct anonymous research through most of the purchase journey, making it harder than ever for sellers and marketers to generate pipeline and revenue. But when you can identify these hidden signals and uncover accounts showing intent to buy, your team can focus campaigns and outreach on accounts that are in-market for your solutions.

With 6sense and Bombora, you can light up your Dark Funnel™ and proactively target accounts that are showing purchase intent and meet your ideal customer profile (ICP)—and dynamically deliver engaging experiences to the right persona at the right time.

Get deep insights on buyers
shopping for your solutions

Bombora’s Company Surge® data compliments 6sense’s proprietary intent data to deliver the most complete view of B2B buyer behavior in the market

Build dynamic,
fully-customizable audiences

Bombora intent data can be combined with 6sense’s intent, predictive, engagement, and other crucial account data to create hyper-targeted audiences.

Engage target audiences across
every channel in real time

Leverage Bombora and 6sense data to activate targeted engagement across any channel like display, web personalization, email, chat, and sales engagement.

Identify Demand with 6sense + Bombora


“6sense and Bombora are integral components of our account-based sales and marketing tech stack, so we’re excited that these two best-in-class providers are now partners. With Bombora’s Company Surge® intent data now integrated with the rich account data and activation capabilities in 6sense, our sales and marketing team is even better positioned to identify customer demand and engage with the right buyers at the right time.” 

Gladys Alegre-Kimura
Head of Marketing Operations
Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

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