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How 6sense Powers ROI for Your Entire Tech Stack

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How Banks Can Use Intent Data to Find New Customers

With the threat of an upcoming recession, CMOs are being forced into tough conversations with CFOs about where to pare back. It’s mission critical to justify that the tools in a tech stack are generating a strong ROI.

6sense’s account-based intelligence platform maximizes ROI by:

  • Providing intent data that reveal which accounts are most likely to buy and what they are researching
  • Consolidating data from other marketing tools like your CRM, chatbots, and digital ad platforms — and using that data to create a 360-degree view of potential customers
  • Using real-time data and AI behavior analysis to segment your audience, which enables personalization at scale and increases conversion rates
  • Integrating seamlessly with other parts of your tech stack so real-time data becomes actionable data.
  • Using machine learning and AI to understand which potential customers resemble your past deals — and how much pipeline revenue they represent
  • Flagging high priority accounts for outreach by your sales team

Focus Your Ad Budget

One of the quickest ways to boost your ROI is to scrap the idea of marketing to your entire addressable market, and instead focus only on accounts that show signs of purchase intent. 

You may know which accounts have browsed your website or which contacts have downloaded a piece of content — but you don’t necessarily know that that activity indicates a readiness to buy. You’re still left wondering:

  • Where in the buying process is the contact?
  • Is the contact even a decision maker within their organization?
  • Is this a best-fit account for your business?

Even worse, you lack visibility into the activity of accounts that haven’t visited your site. This lack of visibility is the reason many marketers resort to broad targeting of all ICPs in their database.

For every person who fills out a contact form on your website, there may be 100 more who are researching your solution on TrustRadius, G2, Forbes, or other third-party websites. If your messaging isn’t reaching these accounts, your pipeline will slow to a trickle.

Solution: Combining ICPs with Intent Data

6sense gathers intent data from your first-party data sources as well as third-party B2B publishers. We then combine those insights with your Ideal Customer Profile to identify the segment of your ICP that is in-market for a solution.

This subset of your Total Addressable Market are the accounts you want to target at the top of the funnel.

Capturing third-party intent data allows you to reach a broad audience without wasting money on accounts that aren’t ready to buy. This, by itself, can significantly boost your marketing ROI.

Prove Ad Spend Value

Measuring ROI can be tricky when sales cycles stretch out for months. Prospects will likely click ads, email links, and videos, and will also do a ton of research on third-party sites. The path from Awareness to Purchase is much more complicated than B2C sales (which most marketing platforms are geared toward), so attribution can be a nightmare.

Solution: Buying Stage Awareness

If you don’t know the impact of your spend, it’s impossible to convey it to other executives in your organization.

The same intent data that helps power your ad targeting can also help you gauge which campaigns are working.

6sense uses AI to track the buying stage of your ICP accounts. As brands move from Awareness to Consideration to Purchase, you can see which of your efforts influenced them to move closer to a buying decision.

Boost Conversion Rates By Personalizing Everything

A deeper understanding of potential customers’ interests and activities is a huge win for marketers and sales representatives.

By knowing who they are, what topics they are interested in, and where they are in their buying journey, you can provide the most engaging experiences across channels.

But personalization brings three challenges:

  • Personalization at scale cannot rely on manual processes
  • Messaging must be consistent across channels
  • Needs change throughout the buyer journey, so outdated data can cause messaging to become irrelevant

Solution: CDP

6sense uses an embedded Customer Data Platform that integrates with other sales and marketing tools to consolidate, update, and sync data. The CDP uses this information to update audience segments, which are then pushed to the platforms you use to reach customers.

These dynamic audience segments allow you to:

  • Serve highly targeted ad messages
  • Power content hubs based on customers’ interests
  • Customize the website experience, highlighting the content most important to each account
  • Sharpen chatbots by helping them understand what visitors are likely to need or be interested in

6sense Can Help You Boost ROI

6sense recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to perform a Total Economic Impact (TEI™) study to examine the potential ROI a customer can achieve by deploying the 6sense Revenue AI™ solution.

According to the study, organizations using 6sense Revenue AI can achieve:

  • An ROI of 454% over three years
  • Recoup their investment in less than six months
  • With ROI increasing steadily thereafter

To take a deep dive into the ways 6sense can help boost your ROI, book a demo.


The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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