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Mutiny and 6sense: Driving Personalized Website Content With Data

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Representatives from 6sense and Mutiny recently hosted a terrific webinar that showcased how their solutions integrate in remarkable ways to help businesses deliver personalized website content to their buyers.

The webinar is packed with great insights, and is definitely worth a watch. But if you’d like a few highlights before diving into the video, keep reading.

About 6sense and Mutiny

6sense provides data about website visitors from sources that are typically not tracked. This can include keyword research, third-party review sites, and engagement with coworkers. 

Mutiny is a web platform that uses first-party and third-party data to present customized content based on who is visiting.

Predictive Analytics & Personalized Content

Predictive analytics that tell revenue teams who is ready to buy — and when — is a key feature of 6sense’s platform. Feeding this vital data into Mutiny can transform a static website into a dynamic sales tool. Mutiny makes it easy to create personalized web experiences with no ongoing IT effort required.

During the webinar, Grace Kleaveland Kupczak, 6sense’s Digital Strategy & Growth Marketing Manager, shared an instance of how we use Mutiny on our site every day:

  • Our revenue team divides the customer journey into four stages: Awareness, Consideration, Decision, and Purchase
  • When a visitor hits our site, 6sense’s platform intelligently determines which stage the visitor is in
  • Using Mutiny and other tools, we present the visitor with personalized website content designed to move them to the next stage of their journey
  • Visitors in the Awareness and Consideration stages receive educational content
  • Visitors further down the journey receive more nuanced and 6sense-centric content instead

We frequently use Mutiny’s modal dialog capabilities to enhance our site’s user experience, Grace explained. Modal dialogs are UI elements that demand attention and require user interaction before the user can return to using a webpage. An overlay prompting users to join a company’s mailing list is a good example.

When implemented poorly, modals annoy site visitors. But Mutiny empowers customers to customize these dialogs to specific audiences, ensuring that visitors receive highly relevant, topically specific experiences that are customized to their needs and interests.

We’ve experienced 25% to 30% increases in conversion rates when we’ve combined 6sense data with Mutiny components, Grace said.

Intent Data and Keywords

It’s long been a best practice to create keyword-driven digital ad campaigns that link to static landing pages with keyword-relevant information. But 6sense and Mutiny enable companies to go much further than that and deliver truly customized, resonant information. 

6sense provides customers with unparalleled visibility into the type of research that buyers conduct anonymously about their products. This includes tracking intent and keywords across nearly all channels, Grace explained. When this data is used with Mutiny, companies can dynamically present bespoke, interest-specific content based on a buyer’s unique circumstances.

Finding the right keywords to generate these kinds of campaigns and customized experiences can be a difficult process. That’s why 6sense’s onboarding process helps customers determine which keywords to track to maximize engagement and success, Grace said.

Customer Experience

In the final section of the webinar before the Q&A session, Grace offered additional ways 6sense and Mutiny can integrate. Here’s one example.

Grace described the 6sense platform’s “confidence attribute,” and how it’s associated with data from your CRM. When a visitor comes to your site, 6sense tells you how confident it is that the visitor is an existing customer.

If the confidence level is high enough, you can personalize the site with the visitor’s name, logo, or other relevant information. Just as the keyword data allows you to personalize without a paid ad, driving Mutiny with 6sense CRM data allows you to match a customer even if the visitor doesn’t log in. 

The 6sense Customer Community Page

Another example of customer detection usage is with the 6sense customer community page. Using the same confidence level metric, 6sense can target this page for customers and non-customers. 

In doing so, companies know exactly what type of visitor they’re dealing with. Sales and marketing teams are able to add more ways to convert. Grace said this improvement increased conversions by 65%.

Check Out the Webinar

We’ve covered plenty of takeaways from the webinar, but there’s still plenty to learn. To get more details about how Mutiny and 6sense work — and to hear the Q&A session at the end — watch the webinar here.

The 6sense Team

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