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How 6sense’s Embedded CDP Creates Immediate Wins

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Here’s a (somehow) well-kept secret about ABX: it can create immediate wins for your teams.

When you and your teams start laser-focusing on the right prospects and customers — at the right time — it doesn’t take long for the wins to start piling up.


A winning ABX strategy will leverage an AI-powered customer data platform (CDP) that has an existing database of critical information such as:

  • What your ideal customer profile (ICP) looks like
  • Accounts you might not know about that are in-market and ready-to-buy
  • The websites, keywords, and topics your buyers research most
  • The signals your buyers give off when they’re ready to buy

When you leverage this historical data, it’s like flipping on a spotlight on your most important accounts and everything they’re doing.

Let’s look at why a CDP is so important for an ABX strategy and how you can switch your thinking from, “When will I start seeing ROI?” to “How will I capitalize on all of these opportunities?”

How CDPs Bolster Your ABX Strategy

Pursuing an ABX strategy means fine-tuning your revenue activities (marketing, sales, operations) to target very specific accounts. 

The critical data you need about those accounts comes from your CDP, which houses all of the interactions you have with your prospects and customers. 

That information includes:

  • Web pages they visit
  • Webinars they attend
  • Content they download
  • Calls they have with your sales team

The CDP ingests all of that data and starts to learn what your typical buyer looks like, the patterns they follow, and what signals they give off when they’re ready to buy.

Over time, and with enough data from your interactions, this information becomes very powerful and enables your teams to start honing their strategies. All of your revenue activities become more efficient because you’re reaching the right buyer at the right time.

There’s a problem with traditional standalone CDPs, however. They can’t look backwards.

They can only begin collecting data once implemented, and therefore take some time to start uncovering patterns and delivering results. 

But what if you could unlock the CDP-version of a flying DeLorean that empowers you travel into the past and unlock those missing puzzle pieces — without waiting for your CDP to ingest enough data?

Win Fast with a CDP Full of Critical Data

The key to unlocking fast wins for your ABX strategy is to utilize a CDP with historical first-party and third-party data.

Your buyers have searched keywords related to your offerings, attended industry events, and read third-party review sites long before you implement a stand-alone CDP. Why should you have to wait for the platform to catch up and uncover those insights that are hiding in plain sight?

6sense’s embedded CDP grants you instant access to all of the historical data that our AI-powered platform has collected for years. 

  • Previously anonymous accounts that have been researching topics that match your offerings
  • A detailed ICP based on real, historical data
  • Insights into which of your prospects are actually in-market and ready-to-buy
  • Clear evidence on which accounts and buyers should be prioritized

We call uncovering this information lighting up the Dark Funnel™. When you shine a light on your Dark Funnel™ your teams can immediately start reaping the benefits. It won’t take months or even weeks to get your first wins — within days you can see a positive impact on your pipeline.

Your sales team will get leaner and meaner. No need to spend hours trawling through LinkedIn to find the one uncovered gem of a prospect. As soon as you leverage an embedded CDP loaded with historical data, you’ll discover exactly who your next target should be. Your inside sales team can focus on personalizing outreach, not figuring out who to talk to. 

Your marketing team will begin improving their engagement numbers without increasing their spend. When a Director of Sales at “Ready-to-Buy Corporation” has been performing some under-the-radar research, the marketing team will receive an alert and can start targeting that person with ads that address their specific pain points.

Software development company PTC is a good example. It has used 6sense to uncover more than 1,500 net new high-intent accounts that have generated $18 million in pipeline.

“With 6sense, our team has driven outbound success by being empowered, motivated, and eager to strategically prospect to the right targets with relevant messaging,” says Brenda Souto, High Velocity Sales Manager at PTC.


Traditional standalone CDPs help you capture the interactions you have with your prospects and customers. All of this data is very useful to build a focused and efficient ABX strategy.

But, a standalone CDP lacks historical data and trends — meaning it can take longer to see wins and ROI.

An embedded CDP with a treasure trove of previous interactions, buying signals, and trend data can instantly prioritize your target accounts. Within days your teams will know much more about your buyers and how to target them with the right message at the right time.

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