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11 Free Sales Training Resources To Take Your Team to the Next Level

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The average salesperson is drowning in data every single day. They need to constantly stay abreast of trends, tools, and techniques in sales to be on top of their game. You have access to a whole array of sales training resources

like whitepapers, think pieces, and reports on the internet forming giant clouds of knowledge that might someday come in handy. Obviously, we cannot all create mind palaces in our heads like Sherlock, but what we can do is slowly and steadily build up that database in our head. This can only happen through relentless watching, reading, and listening to sources.

We know that knowing all this seems pretty overwhelming, and that’s where we come in. We toiled and googled till the search results ran out (whew!) to get you the top 11 free sales training tools available right now. The list below includes a mixture of blogs, resource websites, YouTube channels, and free courses.

#1 Your Sales Playbook Blog

This blog is anything but boring. Paul Castain is witty and direct, and the reads on the blog are quite entertaining. He teaches sales tips and techniques, and his blog is full of templates that are available for your perusal. This blog will teach you how to be a lethal sales rep through both traditional and modern methods. 

free sales training resource -Blog, Paul Castain, Your Sales Playbook Blog

#2 The Sales Hunter Blog

In his About section, Mark Hunter says “Sales is my life and helping others achieve their full potential is my mission.”. This blog does exactly that. The Sales Hunter blog has different sections for sales development, prospecting, sales motivation, setting your mindset, and more. You are bound to find something for every salesperson here.

#3 Salesforce Search Blog

Salesforce Search Blog offers the most up-to-date and honest advice for salespeople. Although it is a blog by Salesforce Search, a recruitment firm, the information on the blog steers towards business insights for sales, marketing, HR, IT, and small businesses. 

#4 Selling in the 21st Century

This blog by Rick Roberge is for striving sales rockstars and entrepreneurs. His content is easily consumable as the blogs are like short bursts of energy. To give you a peek, his most recent blogs revolve around topics covering sales bottlenecks, and how to thrive and not just survive in this “not recession”. 

free sales training resource - Blog, Selling in the 21st Century

#5 A Sales Guy

A Sales Guy offers a wide range of valuable sales training resources for salespeople. They have podcasts, videos, guides, e-books, blogs, and a lot more to help you meet your sales goals through guided sales strategies and plans. They cover topics such as goal setting revenue, margin, and growth to key customer profiles, market positioning, messaging, key tactics, and more.

#6 Sandler

Sandler is a global sales training leader and trusted partner for addressing sales and management issues. Their online resources include webinars, video collections, a newsletter, whitepapers, blog posts, books, and more, offering valuable insights and advice from expert trainers.

Sales Training Resource- Blog, Sandler Blog

#7 The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process Specialization

The Art of Sales is a course available on Coursera’s website right now, and as the name suggests, they teach you how to become as efficient and effective you can be in sales. This sales training resource is not 100% free, but you can audit the course for free if you only want to read and view the course content. From there, you can decide if this course is what you’re looking for. The course helps you understand how to turn a no into a yes, a key skill that you can use in every aspect of your life, and not just sales.

free sales training resource - Course, The Art of Sales

#8 How To Effectively Overcome ANY Sales Objection

This course goes beyond the basic tips on how to deal with sales objections. Steve Benson, a field sales expert, and speaker teaches you powerful techniques that you can start using instantly to overcome objections your prospects throw at you. You’ll learn how to overcome concerns before they turn into objections, how to use “sales judo” to disarm your prospects and avoid the biggest mistake salespeople make when handling price objections. There are only 7 lessons bringing the course total to 32 minutes, making it an easy resource to consume. 

#9 Inbound Sales by Hubspot Academy

HubSpot Academy offers this 3-hour free certification course on how the inbound sales methodology works. It’s perfect for those that are already familiar with the traditional sales methods and are interested in learning more about modern sales tactics. HubSpot is always the go-to when it comes to inbound sales techniques. According to Hubspot, this course is perfect for individual sales reps who are looking for actionable tips to land that next meeting. 

#10 Brian Tracy’s YouTube Channel

Brian Tracy has one of the best YouTube channels on sales. At 72 years old, this veteran sales consultant is highly respected in the sales industry. He delivers top-notch sales training resources which include short animated videos on sales topics that are super engaging and fun. He covers all kinds of topics, from tips and tricks for salespeople to career advice, financial and personal success, or motivation.

#11 Victor Antonio’s YouTube Channel

Victor Antonio is a sales trainer and motivation keynote speaker. His YouTube channel has been alive since 2008 and is still going strong. People flock in hordes to slurp up the advice he imparts in his sales training resources. He has segments on his channel like “Monday Morning Sales Workout” which is a collection of short 3-5 minute videos to get you up and running to deal with the day. He covers hundreds of different topics, from broad ones like how to become a great salesperson, to specific ones like how to deal with some of the most common objections or how to prepare for your next sales interview.

free sales training resources: Video Course, Victor Antonio's Youtube Channel

What are you waiting for?

You don’t always need big bucks to become an expert in something. There are tons of great sales training resources available online, and there is always someone willing to teach. Like, here is a rundown of skills you should be mastering as a sales rep. When you have so many things at your disposal, there is a long time before you run out of free resources.

Whether you are into reading, listening, or watching, this list will help you find your ideal piece of sales training resources to help you on your way to becoming a sales rockstar. 

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