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Top 5 Social Login technologies in 2023

Over 240,952 companies are using Social Login tools. Google Sign-In with 53.82% market share (129,670 customers), LinkedIn Login with 45.95% market share (110,726 customers), uLogin with 0.13% market share (310 customers),

Google Login

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Google Login is a safe and protected authentication system that allows users to easily sign in with their Google account. Users can log in to their account using a sign-in button or one tap, and once the user is logged in, they can automatically sign in to th...eir Google account. In order to log in to their account, they must first sign-up. Sign-up refers to obtaining a Google account owner's consent to add their profile information into the forum. Read more

Features Offered

  • Email nudges and high-priority notifications
  • Email filters and categories
  • Intelligent search suggestions, smart compose, and reply
  • Updates events in the calendar


  • Free sign in– no charges

LinkedIn Login

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LinkedIn Login allows you to connect with a social networking site created for professionals. The goal is to let people establish and strengthen relationships with individuals they trust. LinkedIn also allows you to find a job, learn new skills, and improve m...arketing efforts. It is an​ authentication solution that helps professionals sign in, share a post, send messages, and add a connection to maintain their network. Read more

Features Offered

  • Grow professional network and establish credibility faster
  • Keep up with the latest industry-related news or updates
  • Research your niche and target demographic
  • Find jobs and learn new skills.
  • Enhance business marketing efforts.


  • Free sign in– no charges
  • Linkedin premium prices are available

Twitter Sign-in

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Twitter Sign-in allows you to join a real-time micro-blog network, connecting you to the latest updates, stories, ideas, and news on topics you are interested in. With the help of the sign-in button on your website or app, users can log in with their Twitter ...accounts. You can post tweets containing images, GIFs, videos, links, and text. Stay connected with your friends, family, or colleagues on Twitter using direct messages. Read more

Features Offered

  • Share your views or opinions
  • Schedule posts on Twitter
  • Quickly switch Twitter profile
  • Keep yourself updated with the trending topics


  • Sign-in for free


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uLogin allows websites to integrate social network authentication into their websites. Here users can conveniently log in using social networks. One can also sign in using their profile information from a platform– such as Facebook and Twitter. ... Read more

Features Offered

  • Better user interface with easy, speedy installation
  • Assists various user authorization methods
  • Unified API for obtaining user data in a single format
  • Attracts users of popular social networks/ portals


  • Unavailable


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TradableBits is a platform that connects brands directly with fans. It helps sports and entertainment firms know their followers in order to conduct innovative marketing. With these details, one can cater to individual fan requirements in their email as well ad campaigns. They provide tools that integrate fan data across networks, giving you an overall understanding of your customer. Read more

Features Offered

  • Live streaming production and broadcasting
  • Fan acquisition and insights
  • Data activation


  • Unavailable

Social Login Customers by Employee Size

The majority of Social Login category falls in the company size of 0 - 9 employees (96,119 companies), 20 - 49 employees (51,854 companies), 10 - 19 employees (20,069 companies).

Social Login Customers by Geography

Companies using Social Login technology software are majorly from the United States with 99,160 (58.09%), United Kingdom with 17,368 (10.17%), Canada with 9,106 (5.33%) customers respectively.

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Social Login Customers by Industry

Top industries that use Social Login for Professional Services (119,963), Technology (49,290), Retail and CPG (26,394).

Market Share for Top Social Login Technologies

Analyze the market share of popular Social Login technologies along with information about competitors, prospects, tech stacks, funding information, contract renewal dates and more

Ranking Technology Customers Market share
1 Google Sign-In 129670 53.82 (%)
2 LinkedIn Login 110726 45.95 (%)
3 uLogin 310 0.13 (%)
4 TradableBits 221 0.09 (%)
5 Login with Amazon 23 0.01 (%)
6 SocialAll 2 0.00 (%)
Technology Market share
Google Sign-In 53.82 (%)
LinkedIn Login 45.95 (%)
uLogin 0.13 (%)
TradableBits 0.09 (%)
Login with Amazon 0.01 (%)
SocialAll 0.00 (%)


Find answers to the most often asked questions by users.

Who are the top Social Login software market leaders?

Top leaders in the category for Social Login software are Google Sign-In, LinkedIn Login, uLogin. Here, you can view a full list of Social Login tools in the market.

How many companies use Social Login software these days?

Around the world in 2023, over 217,515 companies are currently using one or more Social Login software. Out of these, there are 99,160 companies using Social Login tools that are originally from the United States .

Which company has the most significant market share in the Social Login software space?

The top few companies that have the most significant market share in the Social Login space are Google Sign-In with 53.82 % of market share, and LinkedIn Login with 45.95 % of market share and uLogin with 0.13 % of market share . Check for other Social Login technologies market share here.

What are the top industries that usually use Social Login softwares?

The top industries that use Social Login software are Professional Services (119,963) , Technology (49,290) , Retail and CPG (26,394) .

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  • What is Social Login?

    Social Login allows users to sign up or/and login using their existing accounts with just one click on the website. It helps improve your sign-up rate, obtain pre-validated contact information, and gather rich demographic data about your users.

    Why do we need Social Login?

    • Secure authentication method
    • Realm of rich profile data
    • Smooth social login integration
    • One-click login/registration
    • 40+ social login platforms

    How do logins work?

    It has a simple process– users input their credentials on the login form. Those details are further sent to the authentication server, where the information is compared with other user credentials on file. If it’s a match, the system will authenticate users and provide them access to their respective accounts.

    How can Slintel help with Social Login?

    Slintel has a wide range of data to make it easy to access top social login service providers. From LinkedIn login to uLogin, we’ve got everything covered. You can search the company profile on the Slintel dashboard to know more about it. Learn More.