Integrate HubSpot CRM with 6sense

Transform HubSpot CRM
into a Revenue AI Machine

6sense delivers AI-powered account and buyer insights to sellers where and when they need them most.

Boost revenue with a complete model of the buyer’s journey

6sense provides an enterprise-grade HubSpot CRM integration, building a unified source of truth for revenue teams to create, manage and convert pipeline to revenue.

Our integration delivers real AI-driven account and contact insights from 6sense into native HubSpot CRM applications, enabling marketers and sellers to prioritize the accounts most likely to convert.

6sense ingests all of your historical CRM data to build proven AI predictive models and uncover your target buyers. It also continuously cleanses, enriches, and syncs your CRM data to ensure it’s accurate and ready for field teams to use.

Repsly Empowers Sales & Marketing Teams with Hubspot CRM

Real-Time Audience Creation for Marketing

“The first benefit of 6sense integration with HubSpot was the ability to build audiences real-time versus having to manually push elements over in lists. Marketing is way more nimble not having to rely on RevOps for segmentation.”

Eye-Opening Insights for Sellers

“If there’s an account that sales hasn’t worked and we can show the account’s history, that they’re in market…it’s very eye-opening. It becomes the tip of the spear in how sales crafts their outreach strategy.”

— Cait Will, Vice President of Marketing, Repsly

Value Across the Entire Revenue Team


Light up the Dark Funnel™ and target ideal buyers

  • Discover and continuously refine your true ICP and TAM
  • Uncover and target accounts when they are ready to buy
  • Dynamically segment audiences for personalization and analysis


Build a unified source of truth to align your team

  • Connect data, insights, and actions across the revenue team
  • Continuously enrich, acquire, and improve customer data
  • Stop guessing at lead scoring and territory design


Get into deals first and engage the buying team

  • Proactively prospect into the right accounts and buying team
  • Make every conversation relevant based on engagement and intent
  • Unlock rep productivity with focused dashboards, insights, and actions

Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.