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Top 5 Single Customer View technologies in 2023

Over 1,161 companies are using Single Customer View tools. Relay42 with 37.04% market share (430 customers), Salesforce Interaction Studio with 34.45% market share (400 customers), PipelineDeals with 10.25% market share (119 customers),


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Through the use of intelligent technology to turn disjointed interactions into seamless journeys, Relay42's Intelligent Journey Orchestration equips organisations with the ability to forge meaningful client relationships.

Utilizes central management t...o construct independent profiles based on real-time behaviour from divergent client data from all sources. Put a current, comprehensive understanding of your customer into practise.

Utilize integrated artificial intelligence to predict client behaviour to make business-critical decisions and take immediate action on findings. Your tool for mass personalisation.

Relay42 is a customer data orchestration platform that enables companies to build meaningful customer relationships by employing cutting-edge technology to turn disjointed interactions into seamless experiences. Relay42 offers companies the independence, adaptability, and agility they need to create long-lasting client relationships by starting with priceless consumer data.

Global brands including KLM, Heineken, Mazda, and FedEx rely on Relay42 to anticipate and address customer needs in real-time across all online and offline

You can leverage powerful prediction models in your marketing to optimize your customer journeys with smarter decisions around who to target, when, how often, and via which channels.
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Features Offered

  • Identity Management
  • Data Activation
  • Journey Orchestration


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Salesforce Interaction Studio

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Salesforce's real-time personalization and interaction management tool, Interaction Studio, is a component of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. What does that signify, though?

To begin with, it entails giving businesses (and the marketers within these busin...esses) the capacity to recommend the appropriate goods and services to their clients and prospects across platforms including the web, email, and mobile in real-time with incentives that are particular and exclusive to them. For instance, as your prospects browse your website and visit different pages, all of these interactions can be recorded and analysed so that you can adjust the product recommendations, deals, home page images, and other content recommendations they see in real-time as they browse your website. Consider making your website personalised for each user.

Because CDPs manage ID resolution, customer profile creation, real-time customer segmentation, and activation capabilities within user-friendly interfaces without relying on IT resources, marketers can design targeted, personalised, actionable campaigns.

Customers' data has been isolated by marketers; CDPs ingest, assemble, and integrate customer data from many sources and make it available to other marketing and analytical tools.
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Features Offered

  • Enhances the power of Marketing Cloud
  • Expanded real-time personalization
  • To tailor interactions with customers and prospects
  • Increase loyalty, engagement, and conversions


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Every size of Customer Success team can benefit from Vitally's assistance in providing top-notch customer experiences, overcoming unforeseen difficulties, being more productive, and increasing their company's bottom line.

Bi-directional, real-time con...nectors can help you unify all of your customer-facing data across your whole tech stack. Simple account and user status analysis, providing Health Scores for each customer category and stage of the customer lifecycle Using project management specifically designed for CS, standardise the Customer Success process. Automated Playbooks and Notifications can help you scale operations.

Vitally is used by the B2B SaaS businesses that are expanding the quickest to proactively address churn concerns and expansion possibilities. To find out for yourself why more business titans are converting to Vitally, request a demo today.

Through sophisticated assistive automation, Vitally enables B2B SaaS teams like Segment, Zapier, and Productboard to profoundly understand their customers and 10x the efficiency of every customer success manager.

Vitally enables teams to swiftly execute superior customer success practises and have an instant impact by quickly combining different product and customer data into an extraordinarily powerful and simple-to-use platform.
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Features Offered

  • Project Management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Customer Health
  • NPS Surveys and Analytics
  • Automation
  • Customer 360


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The simplest approach to boost your sales team's efficiency and expand your sales funnel is with PipelineDeals. Salespeople may be more productive using PipelineDeals' straightforward and user-friendly CRM and Sales Enablement capabilities.

PipelineDeals provides simple tools to assist companies in organising around their future income lifelines. A simple interface that combines elements of customer relationship management (CRM) software, sales enablement, and sales productivity platform.

In 2006, PipelineDeals was introduced in Pennsylvania, USA.

Premium software packages from PipelineDeals come with a dedicated account manager, cutting-edge security, and a sales acceleration function that shortens the sales cycle and helps users with follow-ups and lead creation.

Offers small and medium-sized businesses strong sales capabilities across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, transportation and logistics, professional services, wholesale and distribution, agencies, flooring, fencing, and landscaping contractors, as well as industries like plumbing and HVAC.


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Introducing Zaius, a marketing analytics platform Founded in 2012, Zaius is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

By combining campaign execution and customer data on a single platform, Zaius' B2C CRM closes that gap and gives marketers the tools th...ey need to encourage repeat business. Marketers may more effectively understand consumer shopping habits and offer genuinely personalised campaigns across channels, at scale, and quickly by having complete control over customer data for segmentation and analysis. With Zaius, anything is possible that you can imagine. Read more

Features Offered

  • Social Marketing
  • Channel Management
  • Social Media Integration
  • A/B Testing
  • Subscriber Management
  • Contact Database


  • Free plan available
  • Subscription available based on custom pricing.

Single Customer View Customers by Employee Size

The majority of Single Customer View category falls in the company size of 0 - 9 employees (219 companies), 20 - 49 employees (182 companies), 10,000+ employees (99 companies).

Single Customer View Customers by Geography

Companies using Single Customer View technology software are majorly from the United States with 508 (58.32%), United Kingdom with 112 (12.86%), Netherlands with 72 (8.27%) customers respectively.

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Single Customer View Customers by Industry

Top industries that use Single Customer View for Professional Services (251), Technology (243), Retail and CPG (86).

Market Share for Top Single Customer View Technologies

Analyze the market share of popular Single Customer View technologies along with information about competitors, prospects, tech stacks, funding information, contract renewal dates and more

Ranking Technology Customers Market share
1 Relay42 430 37.04 (%)
2 Salesforce Interaction Studio 400 34.45 (%)
3 PipelineDeals 119 10.25 (%)
4 Vitally 116 9.99 (%)
5 Zaius 45 3.88 (%)
6 BlueVenn 30 2.58 (%)
7 UnifiedVU 13 1.12 (%)
8 Onboardify 8 0.69 (%)
Technology Market share
Relay42 37.04 (%)
Salesforce Interaction Studio 34.45 (%)
PipelineDeals 10.25 (%)
Vitally 9.99 (%)
Zaius 3.88 (%)
BlueVenn 2.58 (%)
UnifiedVU 1.12 (%)
Onboardify 0.69 (%)


Find answers to the most often asked questions by users.

Who are the top Single Customer View software market leaders?

Top leaders in the category for Single Customer View software are Relay42, Salesforce Interaction Studio, PipelineDeals. Here, you can view a full list of Single Customer View tools in the market.

How many companies use Single Customer View software these days?

Around the world in 2023, over 979 companies are currently using one or more Single Customer View software. Out of these, there are 508 companies using Single Customer View tools that are originally from the United States .

Which company has the most significant market share in the Single Customer View software space?

The top few companies that have the most significant market share in the Single Customer View space are Relay42 with 37.04 % of market share, and Salesforce Interaction Studio with 34.45 % of market share and PipelineDeals with 10.25 % of market share . Check for other Single Customer View technologies market share here.

What are the top industries that usually use Single Customer View softwares?

The top industries that use Single Customer View software are Professional Services (251) , Technology (243) , Retail and CPG (86) .

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  • What is a Single Customer View?

    A single customer view assembles the necessary data about your prospects and customers, and then combines it into a single record. This way, you can get an overview of your client's cellular, website, or offline performance.

    What are the main benefits of a single customer view software?

    • Receive cross-channel marketing data
    • Avoid duplicate data
    • Make accurate, informed decisions
    • Prepare detailed segments
    • Maintain customer lifecycle marketing

    What are the major factors included in a single customer view software?

    • Customer journey view
    • Connected user data
    • Systematic designed strategy