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Gain market share and customer base information about the top Sales Document Tracking software. Check out our list of Sales Document Tracking Software, analyze them by marketshare, region, company size along with information about competitors, prospects, tech stacks, funding information, contract renewal dates and more.

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Top 5 Sales Document Tracking technologies in 2023

Over 437 companies are using Sales Document Tracking tools. Attach with 32.49% market share (142 customers), Zoomforth with 23.80% market share (104 customers), Orangedox with 19.68% market share (86 customers),


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Docsify is a free email tracker for gmail that lets sales professionals know whether the people they’ve emailed attachments, links or content to have opened their emails. How it works is, you install the Docsify email tracking software - when you start sendin...g emails, the Docsify code present will track engagement by default. You’ll be able to change these default settings whenever you want for emails you don’t want tracked. Whereas, if you want to decide on a case-by-case basis, you can do that as well via an “enable tracking” green icon for each separate email.
For all PDF format attachments, Docify can give you an in-depth statistic for each page in your document that was opened or browsed through. So its best advised to use the PDF format while operating with Docsify.

For all other formats of attachments, the feature that Docsify allow to be enabled is whether the document was downloaded or not.

To let your recipients find tracked attachments easily - you can put tracked PDFs anywhere in the email body.

One of the other features of Docsify over other document tracking tools, is that it lets you add your co-workers to your Docsify account. This will give them acess to email productivity statistics. And you can use these analytics to continue measuring your team’s overall productivity and the performance of the document over a particular period. This comes handy when managers are trying to analyze performance or coach team members based on outbound communication engagement.
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Features Offered

  • Zapier integration
  • Help to avoid spam filters
  • GDPR compliant
  • Live chats in the documents
  • No statically built html files
  • Centralized billing for the team
  • Direct support via chat
  • Simple and lightweight
  • Smart full-text search plugin
  • Multiple themes
  • Useful plugin API
  • Emoji support
  • Support server-side rendering


  • You can use Docsify for free during the Trial period (unlimited).


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You can use Attach to check collateral usage, track how prospects engage with it and understand which collateral helps close deals. This is beneficial to understand real-time engagement - track which documents got opened, whatt pages were read by your prospec...ts, whether they forwarded it to someone in the circle, who they forwarded, etc. This helps you calculate their level of interest and position your strategy accordingly.

With a software like attach, you’re able to focus on prospects in your pipeline who are already engaging with your content. This helps save time and lets you re-strategize for the prospects you know aren’t interested in your collaterals at the moment. This lets you decide your next course of action and thus nudge your deals to move along in the right direction.
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Features Offered

  • Real-time Notifications to check engagement in real-time.
  • Security & Control via password protection feature - turn off access, time expire and restrict downloads.
  • Reminders for when your documents aren’t being opened.
  • Upload From the Cloud
    Integrations with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Works Anywhere
    Compatible with a plethora of devices.
  • Document Performance Analytics for you to note how well your content is performing overall with engagement and drop-off reports.
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Gmail Chrome Extension
    Attach fits right into your existing workflow, share tracked documents without leaving Gmail.
  • Lead Insights
    Capture viewer details, know what they’re interested in, how interested they are and who they send it to.



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Zoomforth is a website building platform, used by enterprise professionals to create customized websites (often referred to as content experiences) for a wide range of use cases including:
- sales pursuits and proposals,
- recruiting,
- learning a...nd;
- account-based marketing.

Easy to use: The 'drag-and-drop' site editor was built to be used by busy professionals with zero design or web-development experience.

Multimedia: You can add content including images, videos, documents, and social feeds and easily link to other web-based content.

Branded: Your branding, including fonts, colors and styles can be built in, which ensures your sites meet internal brand compliance requirements.

Fully supported: All training is included along with a support team, 24 hours a day, to answer any questions you have.

Highly secure: With enterprise-level security features, you can share your content securely with your intended audience.

Trackable: See how and when your audience interacted with your site, via reports.

Fixed cost: Zoomforth is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) which means there are no infrastructure or maintenance costs to factor in. You pay for the service you need.
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Features Offered

  • Websites
  • microsites
  • content experiences
  • rfp responses
  • digital sales proposals
  • Pursuits
  • Bids
  • account-based marketing
  • branded websites
  • web platform
  • website builder
  • design software
  • no code
  • low code


  • Info not publicly available on Zoomsforth’s website.


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Orangedox provides customers with a comprehensive document protection suite of products that integrate seamlessly into Google Drive and Drobpox.

Secure Document Sharing ensures that your documents get to their intended recipients and no one else. You’l...l be able to control access to your shared documents, even after they've been sent.

You can monitor who previews or downloads your documents, also with a page-wise analysis.

Secure Data Rooms with full control on how your documents are delivered. You should also be able to track exactly which documents were viewed and downloaded.
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Features Offered

  • Dropbox Enterprise Tool
  • Dropbox Analytics
  • Dropbox Whitelabel
  • Gmail Sales tool
  • Gmail attachment metrics


  • Pro version: $15 USD / month per user for professionals who need to secure and track their shared documents.
  • Business version: $45 USD / month per user for businesses who need professional branding & data rooms.
  • Teams version: $120 USD / month per user for teams who need control over their account.


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PointDrive, now a part of Sales Navigator, is a simple to use sales tool that allows you to package up, personalize, and track the content you share throughout the closing process.

Used by leading sales organizations and real estate firms across the wo...rld, PointDrive aims to increase revenue by driving more engagement from your prospects when they’re at an easily impressionable stage of the sales cycle. Read more

Features Offered

  • Sales Productivity Tool
  • Sales-oriented app
  • Customer insight
  • Presentation Tool
  • Mobile view
  • Proposal Delivery
  • Sales Follow up
  • Sales, Analytics, Marketing, and Real Estate


  • Info not available on Pointdrive’s website.

Sales Document Tracking Customers by Employee Size

The majority of Sales Document Tracking category falls in the company size of 0 - 9 employees (264 companies), 20 - 49 employees (125 companies), 10 - 19 employees (50 companies).

Sales Document Tracking Customers by Geography

Companies using Sales Document Tracking technology software are majorly from the United States with 271 (65.78%), United Kingdom with 33 (8.01%), Canada with 23 (5.58%) customers respectively.

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Sales Document Tracking Customers by Industry

Top industries that use Sales Document Tracking for Technology (165), Professional Services (156), Financial Services (24).

Market Share for Top Sales Document Tracking Technologies

Analyze the market share of popular Sales Document Tracking technologies along with information about competitors, prospects, tech stacks, funding information, contract renewal dates and more

Ranking Technology Customers Market share
1 Attach 142 32.49 (%)
2 Zoomforth 104 23.80 (%)
3 Orangedox 86 19.68 (%)
4 Docsify 35 8.01 (%)
5 PointDrive 30 6.86 (%)
6 Docalytics 14 3.20 (%)
7 pitchXO 11 2.52 (%)
8 Fileboard 10 2.29 (%)
9 Osmosis 5 1.14 (%)
Technology Market share
Attach 32.49 (%)
Zoomforth 23.80 (%)
Orangedox 19.68 (%)
Docsify 8.01 (%)
PointDrive 6.86 (%)
Docalytics 3.20 (%)
pitchXO 2.52 (%)
Fileboard 2.29 (%)
Osmosis 1.14 (%)


Find answers to the most often asked questions by users.

Who are the top Sales Document Tracking software market leaders?

Top leaders in the category for Sales Document Tracking software are Attach, Zoomforth, Orangedox. Here, you can view a full list of Sales Document Tracking tools in the market.

How many companies use Sales Document Tracking software these days?

Around the world in 2023, over 520 companies are currently using one or more Sales Document Tracking software. Out of these, there are 271 companies using Sales Document Tracking tools that are originally from the United States .

Which company has the most significant market share in the Sales Document Tracking software space?

The top few companies that have the most significant market share in the Sales Document Tracking space are Attach with 32.49 % of market share, and Zoomforth with 23.80 % of market share and Orangedox with 19.68 % of market share . Check for other Sales Document Tracking technologies market share here.

What are the top industries that usually use Sales Document Tracking softwares?

The top industries that use Sales Document Tracking software are Technology (165) , Professional Services (156) , Financial Services (24) .

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  • What is Sales Document Tracking?

    Sales Document Tracking is a system that automates how the sales team obtains documents, enabling you to control who can access, view, or edit it. It changes a document from an inflexible, one-sided tool to a more collaborative and profound tool, which can provide critical information to the company.

    What are the benefits of Sales Document Tracking?

    • Keep track of the prospect's journey on the document.
    • Maintain all the files in one place, accessible to everyone.
    • Recognize which documents close the deals.
    • Saves time and resources to prioritize meeting client needs.

    Why do I need Sales Document Tracking?

    Sales Document Tracking helps the sales team prepare better documents and track its performance where you can make the necessary changes if required. It also integrates with the system to facilitate and speed up the document creation process, saving money without affecting the outcome.