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Tujia operates as a vacation rental booking platform.

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    Beijing, Beijing, People's Republic Of China,

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    1,000 - 4,999

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Tujia Technology Stack

Find prospects by the technologies they use. Use this section to learn more about the key technologies and tools used by Tujia and how they affect the user interaction and engagement with the company. Explore 9 technologies across 6 categories used by Tujia

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ASP.net is an open source framework for building web applications and services with .NET a...

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JavaScript is the programming language of HTML and the Web.

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PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting language designed for Web developme...

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Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language for documents designed to...

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Jobs at Tujia

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职位来自于拉勾 岗位职责: 1、数据指标体系建设:基于业务发展方向,搭建考核指标体系并持续优化;为业务指标异常提供预警、监测、归因和解读,并对业务数据准确性和一致性负责。 2、业务数据运营分析:实时跟进业务部门的运营情况,根据业务中的关键流程或节点进行数...

Beijing, Beijing, China


职位来自于拉勾 岗位职责: 基于业务诉求,抽象梳理商务SOP流程及工作流设计; 负责途家民宿CRM、SCRM系统产品的整体规划设计和项目实施,版本迭代; 负责途家民宿商家端的整体规划、设计和项目实施,为商家体验负责; 协调内外部资源,推进产品项目全流程高效...

Beijing, Beijing, China

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Hiring Categories of Tujia

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Explore frequently asked questions about Tujia’s business, including founding details, header quarters, information on technology stack, industry listing, and other details.

What is Tujia's official website?

The official website of Tujia is tujia.com You can find their contact number, email address, and headquarters by clicking here.

How many employees are working at Tujia?

6sense keeps track of 1,000 - 4,999 employees who are working at Tujia. You can find more about their employees through LinkedIn or their website using 6sense Chrome Extension. Also, check out the jobs and hiring category at Tujia mentioned earlier on this page to identify which sector the company is growing.

What industry is Tujia in?

Tujia is in the industry of Internet.

What is Tujia's tech stack?

The top technologies used by Tujia are ASP.NET , JavaScript and PHP . You can also explore 9 technologies across 6 categories used by Tujia mentioned earlier on this page.

Where are Tujia's headquarters?

Tujia headquarters are at Beijing, Beijing, People's Republic Of China. To know the exact address unlock now.