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Founded in 2009, then quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing direct selling companies in the world, Jeunesse is now an industry-leading brand, appearing in the Inc. 5000 for five straight years a...nd having been named one of the “Direct Selling News” Best Places to Work three times. Our mission is to empower people to unleash their potential, while helping them look, feel and live young. The Jeunesse Family comprises Jeunesse Distributors and employees across six continents in more than 140 countries. We are all the Jeunesse Family because, despite being spread across the globe, we’re all united by our passion to create a positive impact throughout the world. Read more

  • Health Wellness and Fitness
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    Lake Mary, Florida, United States,

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    500 - 999

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Jeunesse Technology Stack

Find prospects by the technologies they use. Use this section to learn more about the key technologies and tools used by Jeunesse and how they affect the user interaction and engagement with the company. Explore 108 technologies across 17 categories used by Jeunesse

Microsoft Azure
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Microsoft Azure is the Windows Azure Platform enables businesses to run critical applicati...

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JavaScript is the programming language of HTML and the Web.

Microsoft Visual Studio
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Visual Studio is an integrated development environment used to develop computer programs.

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Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language for documents designed to...

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jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripti...

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Materialize is a responsive front-end framework based on Material Design.

Employee Profile

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Jobs at Jeunesse

Monitor Jeunesse job trends. These job postings data can help you identify how fast the company is growing and which sectors. Determine how Jeunesse's purchase behavior is going to change over the next few weeks.


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Hiring Categories of Jeunesse

Look at Jeunesse's recent job hiring categories, identify which sector is rapidly growing, and determine its next move.


Explore frequently asked questions about Jeunesse’s business, including founding details, header quarters, information on technology stack, industry listing, and other details.

What is Jeunesse's official website?

The official website of Jeunesse is You can find their contact number, email address, and headquarters by clicking here.

How many employees are working at Jeunesse?

6sense keeps track of 500 - 999 employees who are working at Jeunesse. You can find more about their employees through LinkedIn or their website using 6sense Chrome Extension. Also, check out the jobs and hiring category at Jeunesse mentioned earlier on this page to identify which sector the company is growing.

What industry is Jeunesse in?

Jeunesse is in the industry of Health Wellness and Fitness.

What is Jeunesse's tech stack?

The top technologies used by Jeunesse are Microsoft Azure , JavaScript and Microsoft Visual Studio . You can also explore 108 technologies across 17 categories used by Jeunesse mentioned earlier on this page.

Where are Jeunesse's headquarters?

Jeunesse headquarters are at Lake Mary, Florida, United States. To know the exact address unlock now.