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Hungama is a leading digital entertainment company in South Asia. Founded in 1999, Hungama has remained at the forefront of the Internet revolution in India and created exceptional digital experiences... by combining entertainment and technology. With the aim to include more consumers under the umbrella of digital entertainment, Hungama has worked towards introducing destinations that make digital content consumption simpler and at the same time, enriching. Hungama’s portfolio covers a wide spectrum of services that have touched over a billion lives in more than 190 countries. These include Hungama Music – one of the most popular music streaming platforms, Hungama Play – the go-to destination for video streaming, Artist Aloud – a platform for independent artistes and Hungama Games – a developer, publisher, distributor and marketer of mobile games. Leveraging its distribution and aggregation strengths, Hungama is also able to work with telecom, DTH, ISP and OEM partners to create unique and engaging entertainment destinations for consumers. Over the years, Hungama Digital Media has garnered the trust of the investor community and has received investments from Intel Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Xiaomi and others. Headquartered in Mumbai, Hungama also has offices in Delhi NCR, Dubai, Singapore and Dhaka. Creativity and innovation underline everything that we do at Hungama. The Hungama family includes some of the best minds in the industry working towards improving the way the world consumes digital entertainment! We encourage our employees to be independent, take decisions with minimum intervention and speak their minds. It is not difficult to find our offices abuzz with ideas and enthusiasm, unless of course, one of our self-proclaimed DJs has taken charge as the in-house entertainer. An environment that supports mentor ship is encouraged, giving our employees a chance to make mistakes, learn, grow and perform to the best of their abilities. Read more

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    250 - 499

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Hungama Technology Stack

Find prospects by the technologies they use. Use this section to learn more about the key technologies and tools used by Hungama and how they affect the user interaction and engagement with the company. Explore 143 technologies across 17 categories used by Hungama

AWS Lambda
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AWS Lambda is an event-driven, serverless computing platform provided by Amazon as a part ...

Yes, I use this too
No, I don't use this

Nginx is a web server which can also be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, mail proxy...

IBM Cloud
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IBM Cloud is a cloud platform that offers the most open and secure public cloud for busine...

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Linux is a family of open source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel.

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VMware, Inc. is a compute, cloud, mobility, networking, and security infrastructure softwa...

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform provided b...

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Jobs at Hungama

Monitor Hungama job trends. These job postings data can help you identify how fast the company is growing and which sectors. Determine how Hungama's purchase behavior is going to change over the next few weeks.

Digital Ad Sales

We are looking for young enthusiastic individuals to join our sales force, experience in Digital ad sales, media sales is a plus. ...

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Graphic Design Intern

the applicant must be fluent with adobe photoshop/illustrator/corel draw. along with that you need to be able to set the moodboard...

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Blockchain Developer

EXPERIENCE/SKILLS REQUIRED : 2-5 years of relevant experience as a blockchain engineer.Deep understanding of decentralised appli...

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Marketing Intern

Heftyverse is an NFT marketplace that aims to be the pioneer for all things entertainment in the web3.0 space we are backed by the...

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Hiring Categories of Hungama

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Explore frequently asked questions about Hungama’s business, including founding details, header quarters, information on technology stack, industry listing, and other details.

What is Hungama's official website?

The official website of Hungama is You can find their contact number, email address, and headquarters by clicking here.

How many employees are working at Hungama?

6sense keeps track of 250 - 499 employees who are working at Hungama. You can find more about their employees through LinkedIn or their website using 6sense Chrome Extension. Also, check out the jobs and hiring category at Hungama mentioned earlier on this page to identify which sector the company is growing.

What industry is Hungama in?

Hungama is in the industry of Entertainment.

What is Hungama's tech stack?

The top technologies used by Hungama are AWS Lambda , Nginx and IBM Cloud . You can also explore 143 technologies across 17 categories used by Hungama mentioned earlier on this page.

Where are Hungama's headquarters?

Hungama headquarters are at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. To know the exact address unlock now.