The Lead is Dead – Long Live the Buying Team!

Practical insights on how to achieve the Demand Unit Waterfall.

Hosted by

CMO, 6sense

Special Guest

Kerry Cunningham

Senior Research Director

About this webinar

In 2017 SiriusDecisions released the Demand Unit Waterfall concept, but in practice people, processes and technology were not ready. Technologies were fragmented while processes focusing on leads undermined an account-based approach leaving practitioners on the account-based journey adrift. A lot has changed.

Kerry Cunningham of SiriusDecisions and Olivier Thierry of Quorum Software will share practical insights on how to achieve the vision of the Demand Unit Waterfall – engaging the buying team in the full buyer’s journey.

The presenters will share industry trends and practical advice on how to:

  • Uncover and engage buying centers in your accounts
  • Leverage account insights to align marketing and sales execution
  • Redefine the funnel to support an account-based approach
  • Use technologies like 6sense and Pardot to enable the account-based shift and deliver ABM at scale