Forrester Webinar: Taking the Pulse of B2B Predictive Marketing Analytics

About this webinar
Following a recent analysis of predictive marketing vendors and the publication of The Forrester Wave: Predictive Marketing Analytics for B2B Markers, join us for a webinar featuring guest speaker and Forrester senior analyst Allison Snow to learn more about the trends in the predictive industry and what she sees in store for the future.

Additionally, 6sense VP of Product Amar Doshi, will discuss how B2B marketing and sales teams are being transformed through modern advances in data science to deliver complete omni-channel buyer visibility, highly converting pipeline and measurable proof of ROI.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The Forrester Wave methodology, how Forrester conducts their research and how to leverage the research to make better predictive marketing analytics vendor decisions
  • How marketing and sales teams are witnessing increased pipeline, optimized spend, higher win rates, larger average deal sizes and improved campaign efficiency
  • Where Allison sees the industry headed in the coming years
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