6sense Names New CEO To Drive Growth Of Intelligent Marketing Platform

AI and big-data powered marketing cloud 6sense has appointed Jason Zintak as CEO to help drive growth and oversee the technological development of the company. 6sense Founder and former CEO Amanda Kahlow will maintain an active role in the company as Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Chairman.

6sense Names Former Platfora Executive Jason Zintak as CEO

6sense announced the appointment of Jason Zintak as CEO to lead the company as it moves the marketing technology world away from outdated tools and ushers in the next generation of B2B marketing platforms. He is taking the helm at 6sense at a time when the marketing technology industry recognizes the critical need to capitalize on the power of big data and AI.

6sense Adds New CEO and AI Capabilities To Boost Predictive Targeting For ABM

Forbes’ John Ellett covers three hot topics into one post with new insights for B2B marketers about artificial intelligence (AI), predictive targeting and account-based marketing (ABM). Jason Zintak is being announced today as the new CEO of 6sense to run the operations of the growing software company. Zintak is a veteran of enterprise software and big data companies and will allow the founder and previous CEO, Amanda Kahlow, to focus on her passion for strategy and product development. Here are the highlights of my conversation with Zintak and Kahlow.

How Dell EMC’s Marketing Chief Is Getting the Martech Stack to Work

Last year, Dell EMC commenced a six-month pilot program with 6sense to uncover key opportunities, and Dell’s VP of Marketing describes the results as ‘incredible’. Whereas traditionally Dell EMC might blast out a message to millions of customers and hope for an attach rate of 0.3 per cent, using 6sense it can target a specific population and achieve results of 30 per cent of greater.

What’s The Impact Of The New Demand Unit Waterfall? Hear From 30 B2B Experts

The new Demand Unit Waterfall codifies what most marketers already know. Identifying and targeting active buyers—those accounts in your addressable market with a pain they are looking to solve—is the critical element in any B2B marketing strategy. The new SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall urges B2B marketers to prioritize prospects that are in active buying cycles and take an account-centric focus to demand creation.

CMO interview: Box’s marketing chief’s approach to digital marketing

Predictive analytics, for instance, helps Box identify buyers in market and showing all the intent signals, and use that as the feeder for its account-based marketing and outbound push, she said. CMO Carrie Palin chose 6sense’s predictive intelligence platform, which also offers time-bound intent. 6sense tracks people’s digital footprint, and its algorithm says that if an individual has these types of signals, all in the same sequence or at this time, then they’re going to buy within this period of time.



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