No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls.

No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls.

The next generation of account-based sales and marketing

No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls. is a rallying cry for a new generation of sales and marketing leaders who are ready to ditch the traditional strategies, tactics, and technologies that are no longer working to deliver breakthrough results.


All proceeds go to GoodSense, the charitable arm of 6sense whose mission is to do our part for our community and beyond – to help those in need, and contribute to the common good.

About the Book

Every organization wants to predictably grow revenue. The challenge facing sellers and marketers today is that B2B buyers have taken control of the buying journey, making it nearly impossible for business leaders to accurately predict anything, especially revenue growth.

Prospects are being bombarded from all sides with forms, emails, and annoying phone calls as they try to research our solutions. So what do they do? They protect themselves by researching anonymously and not revealing themselves to us until their decision is made. That means that as sellers and marketers, we’ve lost our opportunity to influence the buying journey—that is, if we’re still clinging to the traditional lead-based tools and strategies that we’re used to.  

It’s time for a new paradigm.

Pioneering CMO Latané Conant delivers a step-by-step guide that will transform the way you think about marketing and selling in the modern age. Often challenging but never dull, No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls. delivers uncomfortable truths about the status quo—starting with Latané’s first breakthrough that our old-school tactics not only treat our future customers like dirt, they also encourage the anonymous buying we’re trying to combat.  This book challenges sales and marketing leaders to engage customers the right way if you want to achieve predictable revenue growth.

Latané lays out exactly how to enable your sales and marketing teams to take pride in the customer experience and finally align on how to put your prospects at the center of everything you do. In doing that, you’ll learn to uncover customer demand, prioritize which accounts to work, engage the entire customer buying team, and measure real success. With this customer-first approach, you’ll be able to confidently take down the forms, stop sending bulk emails, and quit making cold calls—and achieve breakthrough results.

About the Author


As CMO of 6sense, Latané is passionate about empowering marketing leaders with effective technology, predictive insights, and thought leadership so they can confidently lead their teams, company, and industry into the future. As a “recovering software sales woman” she is keenly focused on leveraging data to ensure marketing programs result in deals, not just leads.

Prior to 6sense she was the CMO and a sales leader at Appirio. She was instrumental in aligning sales and marketing under a consistent and relevant message – resulting in increased bookings, average deal size, and win rates. Latane is creative, charismatic and competitive. Her high energy, positive attitude, and sense of humor are contagious and it’s hard to find a customer, partner, audience, or employee who doesn’t want to work with her.

What People Are Saying...

“Latané brings a critical message to the revenue community, helping us to evolve to a new and better level of marketing – one with a closer, more meaningful partnership between prospect and seller. I’m excited about a world without forms.”

Sam Jacobs | Founder of Revenue Collective;
Host of the Sales Hacker Podcast

“Read this book and just as Geoffrey Moore changed our vocabulary to talk about chasms, gorillas, and whole product you will talk about, and internalize a culture of Dark Funnels, dynamic territories, and stages of the buyer journey.”

Dr. Ian Howells | VP, Head of Marketing at Sage Intacct, Inc.

“I’ve been waiting for this book for so many reasons. It makes the undisputable case for ‘outside in’ go to market. If you are a B2B CMO or aspire to be one, this is required reading.”

Kate Bullis | Managing Partner, Go To Market Practice,
SEBA International

“The world needs more bold, exponential thinking to help businesses and brands stand out, challenge the status quo and create sustainable value. This book is both an example and a challenge to help B2B marketers succeed.”

Matt Heinz | President, Heinz Marketing Inc, Keynote Speaker, Author, Host of Sales Pipeline Radio

The Dark Funnel™

Read Chapter 1: A New Era of Sales and Marketing

In chapter one, Latané is confronted with the realization that traditional B2B sales and marketing tactics and technologies deliver MQLs, but horrendous experiences for our prospects (who are future customers!). Latané shares the major “a-ha! moments” that led her to ditch convention and boldly embrace a powerful future that puts prospects and their experience at the core of everything we do. Taking this leap wasn’t without risk, and overcoming the doubters and naysayers meant testing, and ultimately proving, that a new approach based on Big Data, AI, and machine learning could deliver superior results. Latané’s story of perseverance will inspire others to choose the more difficult but more rewarding path—the path toward breakthroughs.