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A collection of live stories from B2B
revenue leaders who are innovating
with 6sense and our partner ecosystem

Blake Grubbs

Senior Manager, Product Marketing


Tracy Novello

Customer Success Manager


Susan Peterson

Senior Director of Revenue Marketing


Drive Personalization and Prioritization
in Your Direct Gifting Program

Direct Mail has quickly become a hallmark of ABM programs, but maximizing results requires both personalized, thoughtful gifts and prioritizing gift recipients based on dynamic ABM data.

While gifts that hit the mark can bring amazing results to your ABM program, gifts that fall short can increase negative sentiment and create roadblocks. In this session you’ll learn how 6sense partnered with Alyce to drive personalization and prioritization in their direct gifting program. You’ll see how 6sense uses Alyce to break through with personalized gift experiences for accounts and contacts prioritized by the 6sense platform – and the results this combined approach has generated.

On Demand Webinar

James Vaillancourt



Susan Peterson

Senior Director of Revenue Marketing


Powering Paid Search and Display
Strategies with Account-Based Data

While display advertising has been part of every ABM marketer’s toolbox for years, connecting account-based strategies with user-based paid search and display has historically been challenging.

In this session you’ll learn how 6sense partnered with Lionhurst to drive an end-to-end account-based strategy through paid media. Using the 6sense platform, Google Analytics, and the Google Ads platform, 6sense and Lionhurst deliver highly relevant paid search ads that leverage 6sense’s dynamic segmentation (based on technographics, firmographics, AND the predicted buying stage of accounts) to optimize bidding, targeting, and ad creative.

On Demand Webinar

Hillary Lupo

Senior Growth Marketing Manager


Randy Frisch

CMO and President


Latane Conant



Cut through the Content Clutter: 3-Tier
Strategy to Personalization at Scale

Personalization is critical to capturing and converting high-value prospects, but delivering dynamic, personalized content experiences at scale can seem impossible.

In this session you’ll learn how companies like Fortinet are using essential personalization attributes (such as account, persona, timing, and branded and generic keywords being researched) from 6sense to dynamically adjust Uberflip content streams. Hillary Lupo, Senior Manager of Growth Marketing at Fortinet, will explain how she used 6sense and Uberflip to go from generic to highly personalized content programs and exceed conversion benchmarks by 15x – all without additional resources.

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 | 9AM PST / 12PM EST

Sam Melnick


Latane Conant


KC Lincoln


James Kessinger


Joe Hyland


CMO Confessions: Is an MQL relevant today?

If marketing-qualified leads are all that matters, then why are your salespeople still struggling to close opportunities? Is it because your threshold for what an MQL is needs adjustment? Or, is it because MQL just aren’t relevant anymore?

Join us for a live webinar as our panel of CMOs debate the utility of MQLs in today’s day and age, and will finally add some clarity to the MQL Debate. During this event, we’ll discuss: 

  • Whether MQLs are falling out of favor among marketers and sales teams 
  • If MQLs are still a necessary metric for organizations today 
  • Other ways to measure for marketing success
  • What will potentially replace MQLs as the measure of lead quality
  • How your organization can prepare itself for a world without MQLs

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 | 11AM PST / 2PM EST