Why You’ll Love Meeting Xactly at #INmarket15


At the INmarket conference in July, sales and marketing leaders will learn about some great companies that are helping their customers achieve growth and success in highly competitive environments. In this blog post, we’re happy to introduce you to one of those sponsors, Xactly Corp. Pull up a chair and get to know one another – and don’t forget to register and join us July 8 in San Francisco at the Four Seasons Hotel for #INmarket15.


What We Do

Xactly is a leading provider of enterprise-class, cloud-based, incentive compensation SaaS solutions for employee and SPM. We empower organizations to incentivize employees, mitigate risk, make data-backed decisions, design better comp plans and inspire performance.

Our Newest Product

Incentive compensation is the key to driving your company to new heights – but you’ll need to change the way you look at this critical investment if you want to succeed. By using empirical data from Xactly Insights™ to benchmark performance and design your incentive compensation plans, you can up-level your incentive strategy to build a powerful incentive compensation process – instead of simply paying commissions.

A Few Things Customers Say About Us

“Our sales team adopted Xactly instantly. They were so happy to have visibility into what they can expect to be paid every month that they even cheered and applauded when we rolled it out.” – Emily Jensen, Lead Analyst, Sales and Marketing Systems

“Xactly gives us the ability to dig into ‘what if’ scenarios to get an insightful picture of how changes might impact performance.” – Mike Dinsdale, CFO, DocuSign

“With Xactly we are confident that our global sales teams are being paid in the correct currency, all out of one system.” – Doug David, Director, Sales Compensation and Operations, Rosetta Stone

Why We’re Pumped to Be at INmarket

We’re very excited about the application of big data insights to every aspect of business, but we’re especially excited about the advances empirical data have created in incentive compensation. To that end, we’re pumped to be among peers in the push for impactful data, and we can’t wait to see how data will be used to optimize every system, application and tool available.

Learn More About Us

Click here if you want to know more about the products and services offered by Xactly.

Register now for the INmarket conference on July 8 in San Francisco.

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