Why You’ll Love Meeting Oceanos at #INmarket15


At the INmarket conference in July, sales and marketing leaders will learn about some great companies that are helping their customers achieve growth and success in highly competitive environments. In this blog post we’re happy to introduce you to one of those sponsors, Oceanos. Pull up a chair and get to know one another! And don’t forget to register and join us July 8 in San Francisco at the Four Seasons Hotel for #INmarket15.


What We Do

Our data management strategies empower your sales and marketing performance in three ways.

  1. We cleanse and enrich your data to improve lead scoring, predictive analytics, and content alignment.
  2. We help you find the key contacts missing within each named account. With greater visibility into the buying committee, you widen the top of the funnel and accelerate lead generation.
  3. We solve your data challenges so you can focus on generating marketing-attributed revenue.

How We Help You Take Full Advantage of Predictive Tools

To optimize your use of predictive analytics, you need clean, complete, and up-to-date data.

Clean and complete data

The accuracy of predictive analytics increases when your data is clean and complete. Our cleanse-and-append approach combines multiple data and social media inputs with a proprietary matching algorithm to remove bad data, populate missing fields, and verify existing values.

You can access these solutions via our Cloud Portal – which integrates with Eloqua, Marketo, Excel, and API Integration – or directly with one of our data experts.

Up-to-date data

Because you’re constantly adding new contacts to your system, your data is in constant flux. This means that many CRM and marketing automation systems contain holes. These gaps limit your ability to maximize your reach within buying committees, because you don’t have a holistic view of all the information that’s been captured in your central database.

You can optimize predictive analytics by mapping the buying committee using accounts with the highest predictive scores. Here’s how it works. After you’ve identified high-scoring accounts, run a contact gap analysis to gain insight into the contacts you have and the ones missing at each account. This analysis provides the insight you need to design a contact-discovery strategy focused on finding the most important contacts first.

We run this gap analysis frequently to provide a current snapshot of your database. These updates enable you to recalibrate your contact discovery to ensure resources are aligned to close the most important gaps first.

A Few Things Customers Say About Us

“The Oceanos Cloud Portal user interface is very clean and easy to navigate, which was great. This is a great product and I know others will find it as useful as I did.”

– Patricia Donahue, ​Marketing Technology Operations Specialist, PTC

“Oceanos is the go-to source for data intelligence. Their technology, network of data sources, and creativity differentiate them from all other providers. In ten years they have never let me down.”

– Katherine Watson, ​Marketing Director, LexisNexis

“Oceanos’ multi-data-source approach – coupled with their depth of understanding our target audiences – has made them a great partner in cleansing and expanding our contact database.”

– Jill Godett, ​Director, Inbound and Content Marketing, Nuance Communications

Why We’re Pumped to Be at INmarket

We hope to better understand how clients are using predictive analytics so we can align our data solutions to increase the client’s success.

The old approach to list sourcing simply doesn’t work. Account-based marketing requires identifying the buying committee and then nurturing prospects with the appropriate value message. You need a clear picture of the contacts you have and the contacts that are missing in each named account. This information should be wrapped within a diversified contact discovery methodology that continually searches across multiple databases, Web, and social media to find the ideal contacts.

Learn More About Us

  • Website: http://​www.oceanosinc.com
  • LinkedIn: ​https://www.linkedin.com/in/brianhession
  • Twitter: ​https://twitter.com/brianhession
  • About Oceanos: ​http://ow.ly/NEySi

Register now for the INmarket conference on July 8 in San Francisco.

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