Why You’ll Love Meeting KnowledgeTree at #INmarket15


At the INmarket conference in July, sales and marketing leaders will learn about some great companies that are helping their customers achieve growth and success in highly competitive environments. In this blog post we’re happy to introduce you to one of those sponsors, KnowledgeTree. Pull up a chair and get to know one another! Don’t forget to register and join us July 8 in San Francisco at the Four Seasons Hotel for #INmarket15.

knowledgetree-logo-1000What We Do

KnowledgeTree brings predictive analytics to how reps communicate with prospects. Our sales acceleration tools predict what messages and content win for each sales situation.

Winning materials are automatically pushed to reps, in email and the CRM, based on what is proven to advance deals for your team. That means every rep in your organization performs like an MVP.

Our Newest Product

KnowledgeTree flips the sales portal on its head. Sales reps are radically more effective when they’re taking great messages to prospects. But no rep wants to leave what they’re doing and search through a sales portal.

KnowledgeTree takes a push-approach. Now, best practice content – content proven to win in the field – is pushed automatically to reps where they work. There’s no hunting in multiple tools. Content that top performers use comes right to reps based on our predictive engine’s recommendations.

A Few Things Customers Say About Us

KnowledgeTree customers predict which sales enablement content drives more sales. They proactively push best practice content to sales teams. And get best practice messaging used throughout their sales organizations.

“We’ve seen dramatic results. Sales shares powerful content with clients – fast. Our sales results have been staggering.” – RingCentral

“Now [our sales reps] are able to share the most effective content with prospects in a fraction of the time.” – MessageSystems

“KnowledgeTree helps us identify and use content with the highest ROI, and that’s generated millions in additional revenue.” – SoftwareAG

Why We’re Pumped To Be at INmarket

Predictive technology is reshaping go-to-market strategies. Sales and marketing teams know who to connect with so they’re spending time with prospects and opportunities that are most likely to turn into wins.

We align with that approach, helping sales teams to know what to say to those top prospects. When reps are equipped with the most impactful message and they’re speaking to the highest probability prospect, that’s extremely likely to convert to a won deal.

We’re excited to be at INmarket. It’s powerful to have so many leaders discussing best practices for applying predictive technology to business outcomes.

Learn More About Us

Visit us at the INmarket Marketplace, follow @KnowledgeTree on Twitter, connect with us on LinkedIn, read our blog, or visit KnowledgeTree.com for more information.

Register now for the INmarket conference on July 8 in San Francisco.

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