Why 6sense Left Me Speechless


When I first learned about 6sense’s predictive intelligence platform – technology that identifies which companies are likely to buy specific B2B solutions using their online research behavior, years of customer CRM data and machine learning – I was speechless. For anyone who knows me, that is a rare state.

6sense’s value proposition was as relevant to me then as it is now since, as a former B2B media professional, I’d come to know the pains of many stakeholders connected to the demand generation space:

  • Agencies and media companies doing their best to breakthrough with niche audiences, but inconsistently gaining traction with the senior marketers paying for these campaigns because of inadequate campaign ROI metrics. Anyone remember how your display banner Click-Thru Rate impacted revenue last quarter? Me neither.
  • Marketers using the same block-and-tackle strategies time and again, struggling to effectively find and nurture the right prospects for sales.
  • Sales reps so frustrated by another batch of leads they view as unqualified that they disregarded them by the thousand and instead focus on their own insights.

Now, 18 months later, I’m still blown away by the value and opportunity for predictive intelligence; and as 6sense’s Director of Customer Success, I’m lucky enough to work with the leading edge B2B companies who are using 6sense to solve problems like these. Together we are helping them gain competitive advantages in their markets and achieve easily quantifiable results like increasing sales opportunity open rate by 4x or uncovering $300 million in net new business. Its the limitless potential for our customers and ourselves that makes me so excited by our new round of venture funding.

The role of 6sense for the B2B professional has always reminded me of the mid-90s BASF advertising campaign: “We don’t make a lot of the products you buy. We make a lot of the products you buy better.” In this spirit, our new funding allows us to add new features to our software to help customers obtain even more value from what they already love. These include, but are not limited to:

  • 6sense analytics and dashboard tools to help users mine reports of their prospects, visualize trends over time and evaluate sales and marketing performance.
  • 6sense insights into account and lead-level behavior that is highly predictive of buying intent to inform marketing and sales decisions.

Further, our new funding will help 6sense expand our support for the many applications of predictive intelligence data and make it even easier for customers to take advantage of it. The related tools and technologies are many, and include:

  • Integration into Demand-Side Platforms, social media and other ad buying tools so customers can dynamically connect targeted advertising programs to the prospects who need education the most.
  • Connection with Content Management Systems, A/B testing and web personalization tools to help customers tailor the web site experience of their prospects to the knowledge we have about buyer interests and behavior.
  • Tying customer content libraries with content creation and marketing decisions based around what should be targeted to different types of audiences.
  • Joining to enterprise collaboration software to deliver predictive intelligence into apps and content used by internal and external team members.

And that does not even cover the new businesses and industries that can be impacted as we scale our sales, marketing and technology resources in our mission to help the entire B2B sales and marketing world improve its efficacy.

New challenges are surely ahead. But with excellent leadership, the support of our VC’s and advisors, and never-ending creativity, the 6sense team is ready. We are all as excited as we have ever been. We predict success.

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