The Next-Generation SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall: A Framework to Prioritize In-Market Buyers


If you’re heading to SiriusDecisions Summit next week, one of the can’t-miss analyst keynotes will be Kerry Cunningham and Terry Flaherty’s unveiling of the Next-Generation Demand Waterfall.

Every marketer is already familiar with the classic Demand Waterfall and has likely implemented the SiriusDecisions framework in varying ways. The Waterfall has become famous for improving visibility into the health of the lead funnel and driving increased revenue from marketing and sales investments. In an effort to ensure further success throughout the entire marketing and sales process, SiriusDecisions has restructured their approach and is announcing their emphasis on the critical need to move the top of the waterfall up the funnel.

This sounds reasonable enough, but what exactly does it mean?

Instead of waiting until a potential buyer “raises their hand” to opt into becoming a lead, marketing and sales must start working on a prospect long before that. SiriusDecisions’ new account-centric approach mirrors our core value proposition at 6sense and makes the recommendation to start with first identifying your Total Addressable Market (TAM), then quickly finding your TAMnow™. TAMnow is the subset of your prospects that are not only a fit for your solution, but are also actively in-market now.

Understanding your TAMnow is crucial to solving the dreaded “90% Problem.” The 90% Problem occurs when there is a greater percentage of buyers participating in a marketing campaign than those who ever actually raise their hand or make themselves known. While this audience consumes 90% of a marketer’s budget, time, and effort – and also plays a significant role in a buying decision – their anonymity makes it difficult to take advantage of the data and analytics that can inform marketing and sales strategy in a more comprehensive, efficient and cost effective way.

This predicament has left marketers in a place where they’re only able to track, measure and derive data value from less than 10% of their spend.

Through a full funnel, time-based demand intelligence platform, marketers can uncover their TAMnow and discover who their buyers are within the 90%. Marketers can now connect the signals from buyers across all channels to find their TAMnow, gain visibility into their needs and then reach them with the right message – all while measuring the attribution of marketing’s successes and impact.

Join our upcoming presentation at SiriusDecisions Summit to learn:

  • How to gain full visibility of your buyers across channels
  • How to find TAMnow
  • How to execute on a TAMnow, account-centric approach to demand and campaign creation; full funnel activation from brand to demand to closed-won business
  • How to measure and attribute success of each touch through to revenue
  • How to leverage this intelligence to look forward and know where to reach your active buyers
  • How to drive converting in-market revenue and pipeline
  • How to use this approach to build trust, efficiency and improved metrics across sales and marketing

6sense will cover these topics while referencing examples of organizations who are aligning their demand centers and sales teams to this approach such as Oracle, Google, Cisco, Netsuite, PGi, Arkadin, Panasas, Lenovo, Dell, Box, Qlik and others who have implemented the Next-Generation Demand Waterfall and witnessed success across the entire funnel, including increased pipeline, optimized spend, higher win rates, larger average deal sizes and improved campaign efficiency. Examples include:

  • PGi: witnessed a 58% faster time to close, lift in win rates and 4x the average deal size
  • Dell: saw a 3x lift on MQL to SQL conversion, a 2x-6x lift in opportunity size, 50% higher deal sizes, and a 12x return in media spend
  • Cisco: achieved a 3x higher MQL to SQL conversion rate than any other campaign ever run, 5x higher average opportunity size and 13x more pipeline than three other intent vendors combined
  • Panasas: experienced 4x lift in account-based marketing media conversions

Register here for the upcoming session at SiriusDecisions Summit 2017!

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