The 3 P’s of Predictive: 6sense’s Marketing & Sales Revolution

6sense is changing the capacity and culture of marketing and sales. Period. Simply put, there are “3 P’s” as to why I believe this movement is well on its way:


To start, the 6sense technology is truly standalone in its functions. It is the only predictive solution that sees the full buyer’s journey and is able to pinpoint prospects even before they come to your site. Two factors contribute to this nonpareil: the type of data we have access to and the type of data we actually use in our models. Both boil down to the data that will provide customers with the most visibility. First, we have an unrivaled, exclusive data network that has been developed over years. Second, our models incorporate activity data, which is the most relevant type of data for marketers and salespeople. This means we can tell you who is taking real action and showing intent, such as researching online for products in your industry. In this way, 6sense identifies net-new customers, as well as scores pre-existing prospects. By being able to find customers in market to buy, 6sense is leaving more traditional methods like predictive lead scoring in the dust.


6sense will keep innovating and changing the game because of our team. We are a quirky amalgamation of different expertise and personalities, unanimous with respect to each individual’s commitment and strength of character. Our team works relentlessly to provide customers with the best possible results. But it isn’t just this commitment to 6sense and customer success that differentiates our team, it is also the heart. More than anything, we are human. Our team works authentically with customers and each other to make this work, and our success is intertwined with each team member’s sincerity and value of human relationships.


The 6sense perspective is best explained through our leadership and overall company culture, both of which cannot be talked about without praising CEO and founder, Amanda Kahlow. Eleanor Roosevelt once advised, “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” These are words Amanda lives by. She guides 6sense – the product, the team, and the customers – with her heart, and pours her whole self into it all. In terms of culture, Amanda fosters an amazing work environment where, as an employee, you are also part of a 6sense family. In one word, 6sense’s perspective is happy. If all sides of the equation – the product, customers, and team – are happy, it’s no surprise 6sense is winning big and reinventing marketing and sales.

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