Thank You to Our Customers!


Dear 6sense Customers,

We couldn’t be more proud and thankful to be on this journey with you. At 6sense, we set out with the vision to change B2B marketing and sales forever.  Your drive to innovate and your faith in us every step of the way is what makes this possible. We are fortunate to partner with companies that are true pioneers in their space with teams consisting of some of the brightest minds in today’s B2B industry.  The inventive leaders that we collaborate with daily have challenged us to be agile and constantly iterate our business to match their speed and tenacity.  It is our sincere desire to meet your expectations for quality and service.

The technology options available to sales and marketers are immense and predictive intelligence is continuously being defined and redefined.  We are endlessly grateful to our customers who challenge the status quo and focus on a time-based approach to predictive.  With that trust, we are dedicated to putting the customer experience first and driving results from day one as an organization. From our customer success team, to our engineers, to our data scientists, our internal team of subject-matter experts are passionate about delivering on our promise of partnership with our customers.

At 6sense, our success is measured by the success of our customers.

From improving lead quality, to optimizing media spend, to increasing conversion rates, our customers leverage our technology throughout the buyer’s journey and across marketing and sales. As one of our first customers, we want to thank Cisco who believed in the promise of predictive early on and has been a valued partner of ours for years. With 6sense, Cisco has witnessed:

  • 71% MQL conversion rate
  • 5x higher average opportunity size
  • 13x incremental pipeline (vs. internal models)

As power users of 6sense, we also want to thank Jeff Siegel, Senior Marketing Strategist at Box, and Enrique Tapia, Box’s Senior Director of Marketing Strategy and Demand Generation. Jeff and Enrique are the ultimate 6sense champions and leverage our technology to improve lead quality, increase conversion rates and ensure the most effective use of Account Executives’ and Business Development Representatives’ time at Box.

“Predictive is one of those few opportunities that we see a clear path to bringing it in and truly evolving how everything works all at once. It is a very clear and obvious road to take to get where we would like to be with be marketing,” said Jeff about the implementation of 6sense.

We are not only grateful to our long-time partners but we also appreciate every new customer we welcome into the 6sense ecosystem. As a more recent customer, PGi has enthusiastically adopted 6sense across both sales and marketing and is deploying use cases within account-based advertising, account-based lead generation and outbound prospecting. PGi is seeing impact on deal velocity, win rates and deal size with the following results:

  • 37% faster time to close
  • 33% lift in win rates
  • 3x average deal sizes

Thank you to all of our customers who give us the opportunity every day to be a part of their journey as they witness success. We’re here because of you. In return, we strive to make every experience outstanding for each of our customers. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with you and can’t wait to see where the future takes us.

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