Starting 2015 Planning? The Must-Read List for Marketers Considering Predictive Solutions

With Q1 2015 planning already underway, many marketers are starting to think about ways to integrate predictive solutions into their marketing and demand generation operations. Whether you’re new to predictive technologies or are actively considering a predictive vendor, the following resources will help you come to the table prepared.

[Video] Predictive At Dreamforce: The Hottest Word on the Expo Floor

Looking for evidence that predictive is the hottest word of the year in B2B? Check out this compilation of industry thought leaders weighing in on predictive during this year’s Dreamforce conference.

[Article] Three Myths of the “67 Percent” Statistic (SiriusDecisions)

You’ve heard the statistic: 67 percent of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally. In this article, SiriusDecisions tackles three common assumptions among marketers (for example, that it’s best to let buyers find you when they’re ready). Review this list as a starting point to refresh your marketing strategy for 2015.

[Report] B2B Marketing’s Big Data Destiny (Forrester Research)

Unless you’re a Forrester Research member you’ll have to pay for the full report, but it’s well worth the price. Forrester’s Laura Ramos was one of the first analysts to pick up on the predictive buzz. Here she provides a strong overview of the landscape, delving into how and why big data is rapidly and radically changing B2B marketing.

[Article] B2B Marketing’s Big Data Myth: “It Only Applies to B2C” (Forrester Research)

Not in the market for a full report? This is a good alternative. In this blog post Ramos debunks the myth that big data is only applicable to B2C, and gives sound tips on how B2B-ers can start using big data to identify cross-sell, upsell, and deal acceleration opportunities.

[Article] Considering a Predictive Lead Scoring Vendor (SiriusDecisions)

So you understand the basics of predictive technologies, now what? Turn to SiriusDecision’s comprehensive Field Guide to Predictive Lead Scoring. We might be a little biased because 6sense is featured first in the report, but take our word for it: this is one of the strongest analyses of the vendors on the market right now.

[Book] Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die (Eric Siegel)

Eric Siegel is one of the biggest names in predictive, having founded Predictive Analytics Worlds and Text Analytics World. In this book, Siegel explains how predictive analytics works and supports his claims with cross-industry examples to give the readers more inspiration about analytics in action. It’s a must-reference for your next planning meeting with your boss.


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