SiriusDecisions Summit: The Art and Science of Predictive Intelligence

Join us at the SiriusDecisions Summit in Nashville for our Lunch & Learn and schedule a time to meet in person!

The best marketers are storytellers at heart. So, it’s no surprise that many of us get into this profession because we have a passion for connecting with, entertaining and educating our audience. It isn’t lost on us that somewhere between the rise of digital marketing and marketing technology what was once an art started to become a science.

For many reasons, this transformation has been a welcome change. The rigor and analytics that define modern-day marketing have allowed marketers to build the growth engines for their companies, better understand their audience, drive ruthless efficiency and enter the C-suite. But, for those of us who got into marketing to create powerful, insightful and relevant stories that inspire our audience to action all the talk of conversion rates, predictive models and math has been a little hard to take.

That’s why we’re so excited to talk about the theme of art and science of intelligence growth at this year’s SiriusDecisions Summit. Being a predictive intelligence company you’d think we would want to focus on the science part of the conversation, but across the board it is the artful approach that our customers use to implement predictive intelligence that delivers the ROI and success they’re looking for. So, before we see everyone on the ground at Nashville, here are a few of the conversations we can’t wait to have!

  1. Telling the Right Story (Market Intelligence & Personalization)

Great marketers pride themselves on knowing their audience and telling stories that resonate with the people who’s lives and careers we hope to impact. In B2B marketing, we all know that this is easier said than done. Most businesses have multiple products and each product has a buying committee made up of people who have different roles, goals and challenges.

Building a data-driven marketing operation that offers your team better insight into this complex network of differing interests and motivations can help your team create the storylines that speak to a more fragmented audience. Tying these insights to accounts and prospects can help create tailor-made experiences that bring a personalized touch to an otherwise one-size-fits-all world.

  1. Reaching the Right People (Omni-Channel Orchestration & Media Planning)

For decades, reaching the right audience meant one of two things – advertising through television and print or direct (snail) mail campaigns. During the past ten years we’ve witnessed an explosion of marketing channels like social, display, native advertising, search and video and the rise of technology that has allowed marketers to segment and reach relevant audiences in a 1-to-1 format.

The proliferation of new channels and targeting techniques has created a demand for creative marketing approaches that make the most of the mediums they’re in. Marketers have had to shape creative and messaging to fit into wildly different contexts and mediums. To manage and optimize the increasingly complex execution of marketing campaigns, data gathering and analysis have become key. Today they drive the insight that helps build the marketing campaigns that reach audiences through channels they prefer and with the content that is best suited for them.

Having the creative freedom to tell compelling stories is built on the ability to collect customer data and derive insights that help orchestrate omni-channel campaigns and inform media spending.

  1. Building Long-Term Relationships (Being First to Reach and Help Your Buyer)

B2B buyers today are asking more than ever of marketing and sales. It’s no longer enough to entertain and educate your prospects. B2B buyers overwhelmingly select vendors who help them think through and address their business challenges from start to finish. Using behavioral data that uncovers the moment a prospect enters an active buying cycle and gives you insight into the products and services they’re exploring is key to starting this relationship.

Being the first to connect with and help your prospective customers understand the scope and nature of their business challenge is vital to winning business and staying ahead of your competition. But, while the science of predictive intelligence can help you be first, it’s only your company’s commitment to your customers that will help you be the vendor of choice.

We can’t wait to start the conversation in Nashville, join us for our Lunch & Learn and schedule a time to meet in person!


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