SiriusDecisions, Cisco and 6sense to Host Webinar on How Companies Can Jettison Traditional Lead Scoring in Favor of Predictive Intelligence

This morning we published a press release detailing the upcoming webinar. Here’s a link to the full release. Here’s what Amanda Kahlow, CEO & Founder, had to say about the upcoming event:

“Predictive lead scoring is table stakes,” said Amanda Kahlow, CEO & Founder, 6sense. “Bypassing lead scoring in favor of predictive intelligence is a smart move for teams throughout the entire organization, including demand generation, marketing, media, and sales. Today, B2B marketers can incorporate vast amounts of time-sensitive intent data and predictive modeling to realize gains not possible from lead scoring alone. Our customers are already seeing these gains, including 450x lift in MQL-to-SQL conversions and $2.8 million in net-new qualified opportunities. We’re excited to explore those benefits alongside SiriusDecisions and Cisco.”



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