Salesforce Reports High-Performing Sales Teams Use Predictive Analytics

Last week Salesforce Research published its 2015 State of Sales Report, surveying 2372 sales leaders from the U.S., Canada, Brazil, U.K., France, Germany, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. High-performing sales teams are defined as those teams that “most consistently keep up with prospects’ and customers’ changing expectations,” highly rank their sales capabilities and are actively growing their sales teams. The report highlights a prevalent use of predictive technologies among these teams. Here are some of the highlights:

High-performing sales teams are using analytics 

From basic sales analytics to predictive analytics, high-performing sales teams  are getting greater visibility into accounts, allowing them to focus their energy on crafting the most productive conversations with prospects. Underperforming teams want a piece of the predictive pie, too, as they increase analytics use by over 180% in the next 12-18 months.


Predictive analytics tops the list of sales technologies likely to be adopted

74% of sales leaders are using or planning to use sales analytics in the next 12-18 months.” Among the surveyed sales organizations, there is a 58% increase in expected sales analytics use from 2015-2016. The report concludes that, “with this rise in new technologies making it easier for reps to derive real-time insights, we expect sales organizations to widely increase and improve their sales analytics capabilities.”

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 Whether it’s analytics or another sales technology, the general trend is that the best sales teams are the first to supercharge their sales process with technology 

For instance, “high-performing sales teams use nearly 3x more sales tech than underperforming teams, freeing them from process-heavy tasks and giving them more time to actually sell.” Additionally, the graph below demonstrates how, in comparison to underperforming teams, high-performing sales teams are quicker to adopt technologies – whether it is predictive analytics, targeted sales content or price rule engines. 


So, why are predictive analytics on the rise?

One answer is simple – predictive helps you meet the metrics by giving greater visibility into the sales process. As companies grow (and focus more on measuring growth), analytics is a way for today’s sales leaders to find and sell to prospects to fulfill annual goals. After all, the report states the top 3 sales objectives as the following: acquiring new customers, growing the value of existing customers and creating deeper customer relationships (according to the 2015 State of Sales report.) Predictive analytics is proving to be the technology that empowers high-performing sales teams to fulfill objectives and exceed the metrics.

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