Predictive, Predictive, Predictive: The Hottest Buzzword at #DF14

Walked the expo floor during Dreamforce last week? Then we bet you heard it too—predictive. From the moment Salesforce announced its Analytics Cloud Ecosystem, of which we are proud to be part, Dreamforce was buzzing with people talking about predictive—predictive analytics, predictive lead scoring, and predictive intelligence.

We took the opportunity to capture perspectives on the announcement. Check out our video at the end of this post and read on to learn what the buzz was all about.

Why did Dreamforce attendees want to learn about predictive technologies?

Many Dreamforce attendees had heard of predictive technologies and wanted to know where the industry was headed. It makes sense: the adoption of predictive technologies is on the rise. SiriusDecisions recently found that almost 14 times more B2B organizations use predictive lead scoring today vs. 2011. In addition, 98 percent of SiriusDecisions’ report’s respondents acknowledged benefiting from these technologies and stated they would make a predictive lead scoring purchase again.

What are the differences between predictive solutions?

With a vendor-packed expo, many people on the ground at Dreamforce wanted to understand the differences between the various predictive vendors:

  • During InsideView’s Predictive Analytics Panel, our co-panelist Rand Schulman asked the very question to Fliptop and 6sense. As it turns out, access to data is a critical differentiator between predictive companies—and it’s intent activity data that has the potential to drive predictions about net-new, ready buyers.

.@randschulman asks about diff. in vendors. @6senseInc has access to billions of rows of data outside your data to find #netnew buyers #DF14

— @6senseInc October 15, 2014

  • We caught up with Jill Rowley, Founder and Evangelist, #SocialSelling, to get her take on the predictive landscape. She noted that predictive lead scoring and predictive intelligence are radically different. Predictive lead scoring is “table stakes,” helping you sort through the leads you know about. On the other hand, predictive intelligence refers to finding net-new buyers outside of your existing database. In your CRM and MAP and sort through what you know.

What do the industry experts see for the future of predictive?

SiriusDecisions Research Director Kerry Cunningham told us that, “predictive is going to explode,“ and surmised that companies that were not using predictive solutions soon would be left behind. Hey Kerry—we agree! We’re excited to see what’s buzzing at next year’s Dreamforce, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s still predictive.


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