Outpacing the Competition: How Centrify is using ABM to Accelerate Pipeline Growth and Increase Buyer Engagement

Uncovering Hidden Demand to Accelerate Pipeline Growth

Over 5,000 worldwide organizations trust Centrify to proactively secure their businesses, including over half of the Fortune 100. A leader in enterprise security, Centrify targets today’s hybrid IT environments. But with an impressive customer list comes hefty pipeline goals. To tackle this, Centrify had one main goal in mind: to help sales accelerate pipeline growth.

They believed they could achieve this by increasing engagement using an account-based approach, but transitioning to ABM from scratch was intimidating and time consuming. Centrify knew that if they were going to realize their goal, they had to find the right partner. That’s when they discovered 6sense. The results?

Empowering the Sales Team

“How do you create predictable 3x pipeline and provide opportunities across three segments to three sales teams, all while only using 10 percent more budget than last year? 6sense is a key piece.” – Rhonda Shantz, CMO, Centrify

The Centrify sales team brought in 6sense in hopes to uncover hidden demand and empower their sales team to take action. They first leveraged 6sense among the sales team, starting off by redefining target accounts and then building target account plays based off 6sense Account Buying Stages (Awareness, Consideration, Decision, and Purchase) to prioritize their sales efforts and outreach at the appropriate time. In a nutshell, the Centrify sales team saw value in the 6sense insights, and restructured their account and contact scoring criteria to include 6sense scores.

Once Centrify began collecting new insights into their target accounts through 6sense predictive intelligence, SDR teams were trained on how to use the 6sense signals to turn prospecting efforts into action. With the marketing and sales teams joining forces in using 6sense, they saw 3x more opportunities and a 5x response lift on marketing offers.  

When Building an ABM Approach, Personalization is a Key Ingredient

Now that they had achieved success in uncovering more opportunities, Centrify shifted their focus to the next stage – getting meetings. As the field marketing team progressed deeper into the buyer journey with accounts and contacts, they built personalized engagement touchpoints by creating a matrix and mapping out buying stages and personas.

With these new insights, they were able to deliver the right message at the right time, based on where that persona fit into the journey. This also allowed Marketing to develop new content focused on the different buying stages to deliver a hyper-personalized digital experience.  

By using 6sense to automatically trigger specific pieces of content to multiple personas across buying stages, Centrify was able to realize 6x more engagement with in-market accounts than non in-market accounts.

The 6sense Account Based Orchestration Platform has become an indispensable component of Centrify’s long-term ABM strategy as they continue to increase their annual pipeline goal while constantly blowing previous years’ metrics out of the water.

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