#MME15: key takeaways from Oracle's Modern Marketing Experience

The 6sense team had a blast at Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience in Las Vegas this week. While booth 409 was clearly the place to be to meet our team, learn how predictive intelligence can help you find customers in market to buy now, and win some awesome swag, there was also a lot going on during the sessions, partner speaking events, and keynotes that could be easy to miss.

6sense at #MME15 booth 409
6sense at #MME15 booth 409.

Here’s a roundup of a few of the best posts circulating from #MME15:

B2B marketers must align campaigns and data by customer, not product

Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle, stressed in his keynote speech that “too often, we see marketing campaigns that are aligned by product, department, or channels….now the customer is in the driver’s seat. Embrace that and thrive.” In order to keep up with both internal and external pressures, marketers must master data at all levels.

This post also notes that moving forward, marketers will need to better align themselves with sales teams through increased involvement in the sales process as well as using analytics to attract the right customers at the right times.

The name of the game is DATA

Statistics show that almost 90% of marketing data is currently unusable. According to our friends at Aberdeen Group, marketers collecting and analyzing more relevant data and then using that data to find and engage current and potential customers was a significant theme of this year’s MME conference.

56 Takeaways from Modern Marketing Experience 2015 by Heinz Marketing

From sharing data between sales and marketing teams and engaging audiences through personalized channels to using digital body language to engage with customers across the buyer journey, the team at Heinz Marketing shares a whole bunch of snackable tidbits from #MME15 in this post.

CMOs Struggling to Deliver Consistent Customer Experiences Need to Leverage Marketing Technology

A study released at #MME15 found that CMOs across all industries are struggling to deliver a consistent customer experience across all touch points and that organizations aren’t getting the most out of their marketing technology platforms. As a result, Oracle partnered with The CMO Club to create The CMO Solution Guide to Leveraging New Technology and Marketing Platforms to help CMOs and marketers deliver a seamless positive customer experience across all touch points. The guide includes tips like being the customer champion every step of the buyer journey, working closely with the CIO, rethinking marketing processes, and more.

7 Random Observances and Takeaways from #MME15

And, for those of you who weren’t able to attend and were wondering what the average heel height of marketers is these days, here’s a fun, light-hearted recap from Kapost, including this gem from keynote speaker Jay Baer:Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 3.49.16 PM


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