Maybe B2B Marketers Should Blame the Car Salesman?

Most of us were buying as consumers long before we were buying for our companies. For a lot of us our first big consumer experiences might have been buying our first ride from a car salesman….How positive was that event? Is it safe to say that the experience was memorable (burned in our memories) but not something we would want to relive?

It’s possible this early car buying experience has deep rooted an aversion by most for “being sold and marketed to?”

The challenge for B2B Marketers:

Much like we now research online before going back to that car lot (so that we are in control) B2B is seeing the same scenario play out. Buyers have more and more avenues for anonymous research on your products from search to communities to tech pubs, etc. the buyer is in control of their own journey. It’s not to say that buyers are opposed to being engaged but they find a disconnect between where they are in their journey and how marketers are engaging them at that point in time.

The call to action – Get ahead of the negative perception of B2B buyers and be seen as a partner. Find a way see buyers’ intent and engage them when they really need you most as a trusted advisor!

What is the potential risk of not getting aligned to your buyers- You don’t need the ghost of Christmas future to tell you what is coming…

Ghost of Xmas Past


This same lack of visibility into the B2B buyers needs has been impacting the way B2B sales people engage and are subsequently thought of by B2B buyers. The below stats highlight the potential perceptions marketers can expect for themselves if they can’t become more relevant and aligned to their buyers needs.

Is it fair to say that if marketers could know exactly what buyers were doing and thus needing at a point in time they could engage with relevant insights?….Would marketing rather be perceived as a credible partner vs. someone practicing “Hope Marketing?”

  • I Hope that my message gets the buying committee’s attention….
  • I Hope the attention is positive….i.e. They don’t opt out
  • I Hope they are in market to buy now
  • I Hope my message aligns to their stage in there decision process

The good news is that there are technology companies like 6sense on the forefront of helping to solve for how to know your prospects are in market..Seek these companies out and see if they can help you meet your marketing objectives.


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