It All Started With This Fantasy


It all started with this fantasy: I wanted to make marketing magic happen from a comfy chair, just clicking here and there as needed, just watching qualified leads and interested prospects simply appear in my dashboard. I’d know how and why they got there, and the machine would know what to do next to engage them.

And then I met Amanda and the 6sense founding team in March 2014…And I thought that’s what these guys are doing. I must join, help build and hustle for this company, because THIS is the future of marketing and THIS is what they are building. We got the domain name, created a website, pitched and positioned and launched on May 2014. I am so proud and awed every day by what we have done in less than 1 year. This is the career moment of which we all dream.

Until 6sense, I was a tech media lifer: (Ziff-Davis/Softbank, Red Herring, Gigaom) in marketing, business development, licensing and events roles. My early days were pre-Web (just before Mosaic) where nothing was connected and there was really no search. And then things started to change… and fast. In 1994 I read Snowcrash and began thinking differently about technology. What starts as a phenomena (Internet for example) will eventually become a commodity that we all use like it’s been here forever. Today, data-driven and predictive are that. The shiny toys that we can’t wait to try and people are clamoring for. And soon, we’ll all be data-driven by predictive and prescriptive technology. And then we will wonder how we ever got our work done the old way.

In 2001, I co-founded a company called Dealmaker Media with the legendary start-up rockstar and investor, Debbie Landa. We had a very successful event series called Under the Radar which tracked early stage companies in their first 2 years and showcased them to an audience of VCs and corporate development execs. Over the years, Under the Radar showcased more than 225 companies (Marketo, Heroku, MobileIron, Box, New Relic, Pandora, LinkedIn to name a few…). And 71% of the companies we featured raised funding that year, and at least 8 had successful IPOs. Put simply, I know a good company when I see one.

Working in media for all these years has given me the opportunity to see a lot of tech across a wide swathe of industries and the ability to connect the dots about what’s next, why it matters, and who would care. I geek out on this stuff and take every opportunity to see how tech can help my team do things better, faster and with improved results. Yes, I am eating the dog food, drinking the Koolaid and am 100% okay with machines (not humans) taking over the magic we have been making manually.



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