Inside 6sense: Why Pablo Pollard, SVP Sales, Joined 6sense


About three months ago, I got a call from a recruiter.  He was on the hunt for a head of sales for a predictive lead scoring start-up.  I listened, then blurted, “I’m sorry.  I’ve been either a sales rep or a sales leader my entire career.  We don’t believe that stuff.  Telling me someone is going to buy because they just got a new job with the right title, at the right kind of company, growing at the right clip, doesn’t mean they’re gonna buy.  There’s a lot more to it.  Not interested.  At all.”

Fast forward 6 weeks.  I’m heading up Sales at 6sense.  He emails me, “What the?! I thought you didn’t believe in that?!”

It’s true.  I don’t.  I still stand by what I said.  And, that’s the very reason 6sense grabbed me and stood apart from 35+ ‘hot’ startups I explored as I mapped out my next career move.

Across my career, I’ve worked with marketers to figure out which prospects to go after, spent weeks every Q4 carving up territories based on ‘propensity to buy’ scores created by MBAs from MIT, and prioritized and prospected into my accounts as diligently as any top ‘hunter’.  When it’s all said and done, all these efforts were really just a stab in the dark.  An educated stab, but a stab, nonetheless.  They all fell short of the most important thing in marketing and sales; timing.  Timing is everything.

Enter 6sense.

I’m just over 2 months in with 6sense and now is the time to put to words why I joined.  So, here’s why I joined and why we’re building the kind of Sales organization that you just might want to check out:

1. 6sense answers the ‘timing’ question.  Market and sell to prospects in market to buy. (Incredibly hard problem to solve)

I don’t care how incredible your product is, how great your content is, how much access you have to ‘power’ or how great you are at ‘challenging’, if your timing is off, your buyer has NO intent to buy now.  As a sales rep, I’ve hit my head against the wall many times because timing was off only to find the rep who inherited the account the next year land a massive deal.  6sense tells you which Accounts and Contacts are in market to buy.  And, if they are in market, 6sense tells you where they are in their journey.

2. 6sense makes you the ‘early bird’.  Get more worms. (Incredibly hard problem to solve)

Yes, buyers do a ton of research before they reach out to all the vendors.  But, the truth remains; the first vendor in the door has the best chance of winning.  If your marketing team or your own prospecting efforts have you waiting for prospects to ‘raise their hand’ and identify themselves, sorry, you’re too late.  You know this.  But, you don’t know how to get there first so you drop them into a ‘nurture campaign’ or bug them every month or so and hope you’ll be there first.  6sense finds buyers at the beginning of their journey (when they are searching the web, browsing b2b websites, or on your website – a majority of which is done anonymously).  6sense knows when your prospect starts their buying journey.

3. 6sense puts a floodlight on prospects.  See the full buying committee. (Incredibly hard problem to solve)

The deals I’ve closed involve a buying committee.  I’ve spent hours trying to Google, LinkedIn, search my way in to map out all the key players.  6sense not only tells you what Accounts are in market to buy, but also uncovers all the Contacts in the buying committee shedding light into each person’s intent to buy. Are they ‘leaning in’ or not engaged at all?

4. 6sense makes Marketing & Sales friends.  Finally. (Hardest problem ever)

I’m tired of hearing myself talking about this but Marketing and Sales have been disappointing each other for decades.  Sales doesn’t trust Marketing.  Marketing thinks Sales is lazy.  Until now, Marketers have been left to ‘spray and pray’ and do what they can to drum up a qualified lead for Sales.  6sense gives Marketers an unfair advantage; actually knowing who is in market to buy is a Marketer’s dream.  With buyers leaving a trail of breadcrumbs on the web telling us what they want, the onus is on Marketing to follow that trail and get these buyers in front of Sales.  6sense makes that pretty darn easy.

5. 6sense is lead by an incredible team.

Our CEO, Amanda Kahlow, has 12+ years’ domain expertise in B2B marketing and a proven ability to build strong, long-term relationships with B2B enterprises.  Our Chief Strategy Officer, Mark Dye (I call him our ‘secret weapon’) co-founded Bizo (acquired by LinkedIn), the platform enabling B2B marketers to identify, reach and engage their targets online.  Our co-founding tech team (Viral Bajaria, Premal Shah, Dustin Chang) came out of Y-Combinator GrepData, after having built the big data platform behind hulu.

6. 6sense is backed by impressive investors.

Indy Guha at Bain Venture Capital, Roger Lee at Battery Ventures and Brian Ascher at Venrock.  These firms back the best in SaaS, Big Data, and Marketing Tech (Marketo, Gainsight, BlueKai, RelateIQ, Bizo).  And, Board Member Steve Walske.  40 consecutive quarters of growth, taking PTC from founding to over $1B.  ‘Nuff said.

7. 6sense has impressive traction and customer success:

Cisco, Xactly, Blue Jeans, NetApp, Netsuite, Lenovo, CSC, CBSi, VMWare (and a few other recent wins we’re excited to share).  The ROI is wild.  Real impact.  The stuff that makes heros, that alters the careers of our buyers.  And, we are just getting started.

From that view, it is clear there’s an incredible opportunity to build a massively successful business; hard problem, incredible team, staggering impact.

But, you know what?  That’s not really what grabbed me about 6sense.  That stuff just let me ‘check the box’.  What truly grabbed me is something I can’t totally put words around. The energy, the positivity, the passion, the collaboration. 6sense is a different kind of company.  You’ve got to meet the team, come to 47 Lusk, to know what I’m talking about.  It’s hard to describe.  It’s the kind of company I had to join.  And the kind of company you just might want to check out.

Learn more about our company culture and open job opportunities here or email us at  

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