How to Predict the Best Moment to Speak to a Founder


As she made her way off the stage at DataBeat, Amanda (6sense CEO) had no choice but to talk to me. (Basically, the aisle was narrow, and there was no way for her to avoid me standing right smack in the middle of it – like they always say: location, location, location! No prediction necessary.) We walked together out of the auditorium, and in that brief interaction we had a chance to discuss the company, the technology, and her plans for the Series A funding the company had just announced earlier that day. I could tell this was a special venture with a special leader.

A couple months later I randomly bump into Viral (6sense CTO) at a social event – again no prediction, complete chance. Somehow we end up talking about his work in predictive analytics, and then I tell him that what he was working on sounded a lot like what I had heard from another company called 6sense at DataBeat. Only her version didn’t include the technical stack jargon. With an evil grin, he tells me, “Buddy, I hoped you enjoyed meeting my cofounder Amanda!”

This coincidence was followed by repeated discussions with Viral about the possibilities of predicting sales opportunities and the progress 6sense was making. Having worked in enterprise software and software-as-a-service companies in product roles, I had seen first-hand how hard it was for my field sales teams and account managers to break-into new opportunities, and break-out of traditional sales tactics. While marketing departments at each company were highly sophisticated and talented, they were still finding it challenging to provide consistent insights and advantages to our sales teams against the competition. The tools and data required just weren’t available. So every time I met Viral, and heard where the 6sense technology was going, I got more and more excited. My sixth sense was sending glaringly loud signals at this point – it said “join this team, now!”

Data science – techniques that bring the power of statistical analysis and computer science together on extremely large volumes of diverse data – has given companies access to tools and data to answer deep questions that have a significant business impact. In the case of 6sense, the question we are helping customers answer with data science can be simply stated, but its extremely difficult to answer: “Where can I best prioritize my sales and marketing resources to grow my top line?”

My reasoning to join was simple – 6sense had the technical chops to deliver answers to this question above. It also didn’t hurt that no one in the market today can truly deliver ‘buyer intent’ insights; this is unique knowledge, and knowledge is… well, you know the rest. 6sense is not just about fancy data science magic; rather, its very much also about the data itself. 

Using a combination of new and old data techniques, along with unique behavioral data, no one but 6sense can get truly predictive about sales and marketing opportunities. By focusing on more than just the buyer fit and internal company data, a cookie-cutter approach adopted by most of the competition, 6sense is bringing true buyer journey analysis to the marketing arsenal. This wasn’t possible in the B2B world until 6sense entered the market. This unique approach allows enterprises to ensure their revenue-generating teams are in the right place, at the right time, with the most relevant message based on behaviors demonstrated online that indicate an enterprise buyer’s intent. We also create a win-win situation for businesses and their prospects who are able to have a much more valuable interaction from mutual discovery to close, and shift their focus to building a longer term supplier-buyer relationship versus a one-time transaction. 

With this recent announcement of funding, we have even more strength to see the company’s purpose and vision through – and to keep building product that continues to excite our customers and deliver impactful predictions. It’s amazing what can happen when you pull together a team with a common conviction. Stay tuned for great things!

(Shameless plug: We’re hiring into our engineering and data science teams! Come talk to our founders – no prediction necessary)

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