How @chiefmartec Sees The Digital Transformation of B2B Marketing


It’s easy to speak in broad strokes about digital transformation and how marketing and businesses overall are being affected. We can talk about the growing number of tools designed to attack every challenge. But I find it can be more constructive to consider the dynamics and qualities of the shift rather than dwell on the minutia.

That’s just what Scott Brinker, aka Chief Martec, has done in his recent piece titled “The 5 digital dynamics that are transforming marketing.” He says:

 “Digital transformation is about reimagining a business in the digital world. Or, if “reimagining” is too grand a vision, a more modest interpretation is simply: trying to survive in a digital world.”

Scott looks at how this “reimagining” will inform our marketing strategies (and impact our decisions about the tools and tactics required) and could drive change across the entire organization. In plain English, maybe this is marketing’s chance to show others what the digital and data-driven future could look like.

The model Scott has defined, and has converted to the acronym “SAASP,” is comprised of 5 key elements which are briefly defined below:

1) Speed: Chiefmartec

It’s not just velocity of communications; it’s about the “immediacy” that we as digital consumers have come to expect. It’s about keeping pace with your industry and hopefully outpacing your competitors by quickly seeing what’s around the corner.

2) Adaptability: 

If we look at the digital tools we’re building today, we’re creating software and apps that can rapidly iterate and respond to “decisions and experiences automatically across a massive number of combinatorial cases and touchpoints.” As these expectations permeate the collective psyche of end-users, will we also come to expect adaptability among our colleagues and across our organizations?

3) Adjacency:

This is a particularly interesting concept and describes how “adjacent” companies (not direct competitors per se) may intersect enough with your capabilities and might “substitute for your solution from a completely different angle.”

4) Scale:

It’s exactly what you think and then not. Businesses and ideas can scale at an exponential rate with a few clicks, page views and shares in an incredibly short amount of time with only a minute outlay of costs. And then, they can “shrink in an instant too, demanding a much more fluid response to the opening and closing of windows of opportunity.”

5) Precision:

This component is something we know about at 6sense – using data to deliver measurable and reliable insights to marketers and their companies. In Scott’s view this is, “re-orienting marketing to revenue instead of expense.” It’s not easy to achieve perfection, and there can be a dark side.

Read Scott’s piece and then read it again. Is this model one that will shape your marketing team and overall organization?

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