How Accurate Is Your Predictive Intelligence Vendor?

If you attended VentureBeat’s GrowthBeat earlier this month, you may have seen Amanda Kahlow, CEO, 6sense, in a fireside chat with Scott Broomfield, CMO, Xactly. The discussion, which focused on predictive intelligence, was led by Maribel Lopez of Lopez Research.

When we first met Scott and the Xactly team, we made the bold claim that we could predict their sales. We live in a world where buyers are leaving digital footprints that hint at their readiness to purchase. With the right application of machine learning and data science, we can predict whether a contact or company is close to buying. It is a bold claim, but it’s a claim we’ve successfully proven true time and time again.

Scott, a forward-thinking leader and early adopter, decided to test our promise by seeing whether we could predict where Xactly’s existing customers were in the buyer’s journey—awareness, consideration, decision-making, or purchase. To do this, Scott and his team compared their database of existing customers, knowing where they were in the sales cycle, to our predictions of buying stage.

What was the percentage correlation of 6sense’s predictions to where Xactly’s customers were in terms of their readiness to purchase? 75 percent – but watch this video to see Scott tell you in his own words.



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