How 6sense Hit A Homerun At Dreamforce

Or maybe we should say hole in one… When you run marketing at a startup that moves at 6sense speed, what is five months post-launch represents about 12 months of activity. You have to cover a lot of ground: build a website, launch your company to the world, and kick off an integrated campaign to make sure all the key prospects and influencers know what you do and why they should care.

For us, all this activity culminated in our presence at Dreamforce. We were honored to be one of the few predictive intelligence vendors to be selected to launch the Salesforce Analytics Cloud – Wave and were thrilled at all the positive response to the news. Frankly, that was icing on the cake. The bigger challenge was how to maximize our presence over four days at a show the size of Dreamforce. That’s where we got creative and blended the “need to-do’s” (press, speaking) with some pretty fun “why not’s” (games, contests).

Here is how we did it.

Where everyone is a winner

6Sensors are a fun-loving (and highly competitive) bunch. We do not shy away from an impromptu game of hoops or intense game of women vs. men capture the flag. This competitive spirit is part of our brand personality.

Despite having a booth on the smaller size, we attracted a great crowd at Dreamforce everyday. We offered scratch tickets with a GoPro as a grand prize and a pretty tough putt-putt golf contest where contestants could win cash if the ball landed in the right spot. We may have expanded our footprint a little more than allowed, but everyone around us also benefitted. See how we did it.

Smile, you’re on camera!

Arguably one of our best secret weapons was Gaelan, 6sense’s amazing video producer (who is actually wrapping up an action film). With Gaelan’s help, we created no less than eight videos that were pushed everyday during Dreamforce. The videos had the dual purpose of attracting onlookers and featuring key thought leaders including Marc Benioff, Jill Rowley and Kerry Cunningham. Check it out.

Get on a soapbox

One of the most important things you can do at a tradeshow or any event where you are spending precious time and money is ensure you have a speaking opportunity lined up. It’s not always the easiest thing to do, but look for opportunities to get your industry friends and peers together. Our CEO, Amanda Kahlow, was invited to speak on a Future of Predictive Analytics panel. We might be a little biased, but Amanda is arguably one of the best startup CEO speakers to ever have on your panel.

Keep the momentum going…

There’s a reason that our logo and color scheme is so vibrant. We’re loud and proud and not afraid to dress our team (and some of our customers!) in green onesies to attend a San Francisco Giants game. We showed our colors and also predicted the 6 to 3 win. Yep, we did. See it here.

Was there any ROI from all this frenzy? Yes, we surpassed our goals by miles and had a great time doing it! Any great ideas for our next show? Let us know!

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