GoodSense: Year in Review


What makes people want to work at 6sense?

Is it our unwavering commitment to delivering the most comprehensive ABM platform out there to B2B marketers? Our promise to provide top-of-the-line ‘always on’ customer service?

Our platform speaks for itself, but that alone doesn’t make someone want to work at a particular fast-paced, SF-based tech start-up over any other.

What excites people the most about joining 6sense is the people. It’s the team that makes you want to join, and here at 6sense, we’ve fortunate to have quite a stellar group of individuals. Solid camaraderie + spending time giving back to our community is our recipe for success.

What is GoodSense? 

GoodSense was launched in the fall of 2015 as an initiative to do our part for our community and beyond – to help those in need and contribute to the common good. We formed a partnership between 6sense and San Francisco Community School, located in the Excelsior District. The SF Community School has been committed to representing San Francisco diversity since it was founded in 1972.

Over the past three years, 6sense has participated and volunteered in various community events at the school – “Hour of Code”, “Back to School” set up days, “Open House” and beautification projects. This past year, in particular, one of the main highlights was our support in the school’s Project Open House, an event that takes place in the fall and spring. The school invites families and community members to an evening of their students showcasing and presenting their semester projects, and wraps the night up with sweets and – a personal favorite – root beer floats. This year, the theme for their semester projects was centered around staying prepared for natural disasters – earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, you name it. After the event, the GoodSense team shared their favorite natural disaster facts with the rest of the 6sense team, garnering even more interest among the team for future volunteering opportunities.

Nothing says “well-rounded” more than a team that can put their heads down when it’s crunch time, and also set aside volunteering time for our local schools and community. This year alone, the 6sense team volunteered 72.5 hours in total, and donated $995 worth of resources to the school. Over the years, GoodSense has also donated to GirlRising and Mama Hope annually, and we continue to explore as a team for more opportunities in the coming years.

Principal Zaia Vera of San Francisco Community School says,

“The support is so, so helpful! Our teachers work hard getting students ready for [Project Open House], so it’s great to have the volunteers help out. It frees us up with more time to do other things that need to be done. Thank you so much!” 

We at 6sense are always happy to lend a helping hand, and have many more GoodSense efforts lined up for the rest of the year. Come join our extraordinary team – we’re hiring!

A few of our team members at various GoodSense events:

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