Get your data on at #MKTGNation


Marketo’s 2015 Marketing Nation Summit is officially underway; countless booths have been set up, meetings have been scheduled, and this morning’s keynote speakers have taken the stage.

The 6sense team will be at booth 303 throughout the next few days and we’re also excited for some of the top-notch data-driven sessions that are lined up. Whether you’re a B2B marketing veteran or a #MKTGNation first-timer, get your data on with the 6sense team and these sessions:

Tuesday, April 14

Better Together: Integrating Google Analytics for Smarter Remarketing

  • WHO: Dan Stone, Google
  • WHAT: Techniques to integrate Marketo and Real-time Personalization with Google Analytics in order to achieve a consistent message across all marketing channels using behavioral and demographics-driven remarketing.
  • WHERE: 2022/2024
  • WHEN: 1pm

Complicated Marketing Analytics Made Easy

  • WHO: Heidi Bullock, Marketo; Lizzy Funk, Marketo
  • WHAT: Learn how to identify differences between good and bad programs, predict performance and revenue of future programs, and evaluate ROI.
  • WHERE: 3016/3018
  • WHEN: 1pm

Account-Based Marketing: Engaging Target Verticals and Key Accounts with Real-Time Personalization

  • WHO: Jesse Kliza, Apprenda; Mike Telem, Marketo; Pamela Brungardt, NICE Systems
  • WHAT: ABM is all about focus; focusing efforts on accounts that matter, key accounts that are most likely to generate revenue or have other strategic significance. Learn how to identify and engage target accounts with personalized content across various channels such as web, ads, and email.
  • WHERE: 2009/2011
  • WHEN: 1pm

The Measurement Maturity Model: How to Know Where You Are and Where to Go Next

  • WHO: Brian Glover, Marketo; Laura Mannix, Mercer
  • WHAT: Learn what to measure when, and what decisions you can expect to make along the way. Get insight & tips on how to plan your own roadmap for successful analytics and reporting.
  • WHERE: 3020
  • WHEN: 2pm

Data Quality Bootcamp or Why Dirty Data = Low Marketing ROI

  • WHO: Elliott Lowe, Institute for Integrative Nutrition; Inga Romanoff, Romanoff Consulting
  • WHAT: Increase efficiency and save money by instituting good data practices. Explore the implications of dirty data or broken processes and get hands on advice on how to pinpoint data hygiene factors for your organization.
  • WHERE: 2022/2024
  • WHEN: 3pm

Wednesday, April 15

Data Insights Across the Marketo Customer Base

  • WHO: Heidi Bullock, Marketo; Johnny Cheng, Marketo; Mike Berger, Marketo
  • WHAT: Review aggregated Marketo customer data, talk about what it has to say, explore data points like what channels generate the most bookings, how channel performance differs between Enterprise and SMB companies, which channels are creating vs. influencing the most revenue, and more.
  • WHERE: 2006/2008
  • WHEN: 2pm

Beyond Vanity Metrics: Improve Campaign Performance to Achieve Revenue Goals

  • WHO: Mark Townsend, Eagle Creek Software Services; Melissa Davies, SLI Systems
  • WHAT: Define the difference between implicit and explicit reporting, develop account-based Revenue Models in Marketo, learn to make more effective decisions regarding budget allocation, improving campaign performance, and achieving revenue goals.
  • WHERE: 3020
  • WHEN: 2pm

Putting Data to Work: Getting ROI from Predictive Intelligence

  • WHO: Abdallah Al-Hakim, Blue Jeans; Amanda Kahlow, 6sense; Hanne Venables, Xactly
  • WHAT: Learn how 6sense customers Xactly and Blue Jeans are applying data to their marketing and demand generation efforts and will share with the audience early successes and results of their initiatives.
  • WHERE: 2009/2011
  • WHEN: 4:30pm

See you at Marketing Nation!

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