Gartner Names 6sense a 2015 "Cool Vendor" for Data-Driven Marketing

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – April 28, 2015) – 6sense, the leading predictive intelligence engine for B2B marketing and sales, has had an incredible year since its 2014 launch. The company has raised $36 million in funding and built an impressive roster of Fortune 1000 enterprise customers. And 6sense today announced it has been named a “Cool Vendor” in Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in Data-Driven Marketing, 2015” report published March 31, 2015.

The report provides an evaluation of new, innovative entrants in the data-driven marketing domain. According to Gartner: “The Cool Vendor in Data-Driven Marketing report includes a new generation of marketing analytics applications that provides nimble solutions to persistent problems, such as how to find and rank prospects or measure the impact of social marketing. This research helps digital marketers understand the benefits and risks.”

6sense’s predictive intelligence platform is used by B2B marketing and sales teams to identify net-new, in-market buyers while prioritizing known prospects — predicting who will buy, when and how much. 6sense is the first platform to use time-based intent signals across the greater B2B web to predict which prospects are in market to buy now. 6sense’s proprietary “Buyer Intent Network” processes billions of rows of prospects’ activity data every month from search engines, industry trade publications, blogs, forums and communities — a key distinction that separates 6sense from legacy predictive lead scoring solutions.

Using this intent data network, its customers’ CRM, marketing automation data and customer weblogs, 6sense identifies with over 85 percent accuracy the buying stage of every active prospect in its customers’ addressable market. 6sense is also the only predictive solution to offer product scoring to help its customers cross-sell, enter new vertical markets, and get into sales deals ahead of their competition.

6sense is the only platform to provide the “why” behind its scoring models: both indicators that lead to a particular score and the insights on prospects’ buying signals. With this valuable intelligence, 6sense customers can engage prospects much earlier in the buying cycle and with context around prospects’ needs and pain points. The results are accelerated time to close, fewer sales touches, and hyper-targeted marketing campaigns — all of which result in measurable revenue growth.

“It is clear that Fortune 1000 enterprises are seeing the benefit of data-driven marketing and predictive intelligence,” said 6sense’s Amanda Kahlow, CEO and founder. “Our customers have seen unprecedented growth that they’ve never seen with predictive lead scoring solutions. They’ve seen 20x conversion rates and doubled the size of their sales opportunities using 6sense data.”

6sense has an impressive enterprise customer roster, including Cisco, Dell, NetApp, VMware, NetSuite, CSC, Lenovo, CBS Interactive, Xactly, Blue Jeans among others.

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