Forrester’s Laura Ramos on “Unlocking the Power of Big Data”


This morning Laura Ramos, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester gave a keynote titled “Unlocking the Power of Big Data” which covered critical, but more importantly, actionable insights for B2B marketers. We’ve selected a few of our favorite insights from Ramos’ presentation. Check them out below.

1) “Information abundance = message avoidance,” says Ramos. Forrester Research surveyed 319 senior-level business and IT decision makers and found that 62 percent of decision-makers say marketing material is useless, and 75 percent say vendors give too much material. B2B marketers have a big problem.

Takeaway: Today’s saturated message environment means that marketers must find creative ways to get in front of their buyers. In fact, marketers should target prospects according to where they are in the funnel to keep content as relevant as possible.


2) “Multichannel growth creates data abundance,” says Ramos. Buyers don’t wait for ads to inform them. They’re finding the information themselves across various channels. 60-90 percent of buyers have made up their minds before they even make it into a company’s sales funnel. Coupled with the abundance of data, B2B sales involve there are multiple decision makers within one account. More decision-makers = more data.

Takeaway: Understanding your buyer’s journey means tapping into and deriving insights from that multi-channel data, and then acting on those insights. For example, use the data to drive smarter ad buys that are relevant to your buyers’ stage in the funnel.


3) “Analytics enable better business results,” says Ramos. Analytics, fueled by mass data capture, enables better business results by showing marketers exactly how their prospective buyers are making purchase decisions.

Takeaway: You can’t hope to influence buyers if you don’t even know where they’re looking for information. By understanding where your buyer is in the funnel, you can personalize and deliver relevant content.

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 Image courtesy of Forrester Research

4) Despite the industry proof that data and analytics makes good business sense, B2B marketers are slow to adopt the practice. Ramos notes that only 10% of marketing leaders think they’re effective at using data analytics. Marketers cite reasons including: large and diverse quantities of data, messy and missing data, and silo’ed or hoarded data as common road blocks.

Takeaway: A trusted predictive intelligence partner can help make sense of the overwhelmingly messy and silo’ed data and provide digestible insights that can inform marketing strategy—like where your prospects are in the buying cycle, and what products they’re interested in.


We’ll be sharing some prescriptive steps on how and why to become a data-driven marketer and sharing results from real case studies on July 9, during our “Demystifying Predictive Analytics” webinar.

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6sense was interviewed for Ramos’ Forrester Research report “B2B Marketing’s Big Data Destiny”. Contact us for more information.

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