Forrester Total Economic Report Shows a 405% ROI on 6sense

Calculating ROI has become a requirement for any corporate investment, across all business functions. Gone are the days when B2B marketers could attribute their spend to “branding.” Today, they’re being forced to provide concrete spend-to-revenue analysis to justify their investments in people, technologies – and really, every inch of their marketing efforts.

So the pressure is on (and heavier than ever) for B2B marketers to make super smart decisions about where they put their money. Even if you’re investing in technology that gives you full visibility into who your buyers are, what their needs are and precisely where they are in the buyer’s journey – fueling lead generation and conversion? Yep.

But you can show that your eye is on ROI even before you make a critical investment like this. A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Research on behalf of 6sense shows the potential ROI your enterprise may realize when you deploy the 6sense predictive intelligence platform. And Forrester found that this platform – which uses customer data, third-party web data and predictive algorithms to identify accounts that are researching and ready to buy specific products or solutions – delivers a 405% ROI. Boom.

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact of 6sense

That ROI is just one of the many compelling findings coming out of Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) of 6sense. But before we dig into them, it helps to know how Forrester arrived at its conclusions.

The study evaluates four components that help enterprises evaluate investment value: benefits, costs, flexibility and risks. To assess the true impact the 6sense predictive intelligence platform can have on an organization, Forrester created a “composite organization” based on interviews with current 6sense customers.

What did Forrester find? Marketers in this composite organization were able to identify accounts in the market for a specific product or solution, pass leads onto sales and target media campaigns to these in-market accounts. The result: The composite company drove incremental profit to the tune of more than $4 million – while reducing the cost of sales and increasing efficiencies.

Check out these results:

  • Marketing qualified leads (MQLs) convert to opportunities at a 75% higher rate
  • Opportunities convert to closed business at a 40% higher rate
  • Average deal size jumps 50%
  • Sales reps close deals faster, with 20% less effort
  • Oh, and did we mention a 405% ROI?

Walking in the Same (B2B Marketing and Sales) Shoes

The 6sense customers who participated in the Forrester study all oversaw robust demand-generation marketing programs at their individual organizations – and partnered with 6sense to improve the returns on their marketing investments. Each customer used the 6sense predictive intelligence platform to identify net-new, qualified leads at in-market accounts; prioritize existing leads; and target media campaigns to in-market accounts. So much like the rest of our customers, who share similar business goals and leverage predictive intelligence to achieve them.

But don’t just take our word on the power of predictive intelligence in B2B marketing and sales. Here’s what a marketing manager in hardware said about 6sense in the Forrester study: “The quantity and quality of the data was just the start. Their focus is on intent and truly predicting to an outcome. No one else does that.”

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