Forbes, DWA and Bombora: 360 Degrees of Predictive Intelligence


Modern marketers are facing business and technological imperatives to integrate, optimize and hone every facet of their work. The driving force behind these changes is a highly competitive market in which marketing initiatives must drive revenue. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute’s recent survey found that 86% of marketers said lead generation was their number 1 goal.

360 Degrees of Predictive Intelligence

The recent explosion in tools and technologies represents an opportunity as well as a challenge. How can thinly spread teams optimize processes that span the marketing discipline and tap the expertise and reach of multiple vendors?

To answer that question on November 18th, 6sense is bringing together Forbes, DWA and Bombora to discuss the tools and resources B2B marketers have at their disposal and how they can be aligned to deliver ROI with the least expenditure of budget and human capital.

Our guests represent the 3 cornerstones of modern marketing:

  1. Mark Howard, CRO, Forbes – publishing and distribution;
  2. Ben Barenhotlz, Sr. Director of Global Marketing, DWA – messaging strategy, content and media execution; and
  3. Mike Burton, co-founder and SVP of Data Sales, Bomobora – data.

What You’ll Learn

This roundtable will work to uncover:

– What is intent data and how can it be leveraged in your marketing strategy?

– How predictive intelligence can create feedback loops that target your content marketing and display advertising dollars for the greatest effect.

– How access to B2B intent data is changing the way the media planning and publishing industries operate.

– What you can start doing today to prepare to take advantage of the latest B2B marketing strategies.

Join us to learn how a B2B intent data aggregator, a modern media agency and one of the most recognizable B2B publishers align their core competencies to build a marketing engine that targets, engages and converts prospects with precision and accuracy.

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