For new marketing technology, it's about the big picture

Thursday morning, 6sense CEO Amanda Kahlow joined ion interactive‘s Scott Brinker, Tellwise CEO Conrad Bayer, and Kitedesk’s Dale Zwizinski for a webinar hosted by Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing. The executives talked about the ever-changing marketing technology landscape and how to keep up.

Throughout the hour of conversation, Kahlow, Brinker, Bayer, Zwizinski, and Heinz shared insights into what types of B2B marketing technologies are most useful for marketers and sales teams, as well as how to make the right decisions when it comes to adopting new technologies and how to ensure that they are fully integrated into existing processes.

Start clean

Scott Brinker, author of Chief Marketing Technologist blog who releases the famous Marketing Technlogy Landscape each year, began by pointing out the obvious challenges that come with adopting new marketing technologies. “There are so many vendors competing. It’s a wonderful time for marketers, but there can be too much of a good thing,” Brinker explained. “Marketers who are feeling overwhelmed should forget the entire marketing landscape graphic and start clean.” The rest of the panelists echoed this notion; marketers must think about the results they’d like to achieve from new technologies before they can begin the adoption process.

Integrate with existing processes

6sense CEO Amanda Kahlow noted that “the tools that will win are those that aren’t done in silos. Marketers must consider the full cycle of anonymous activity outside of their own world, paired with the activity within their four walls. The tools that can integrate this data into existing marketing and sales operations will be the best ones.”

The general consensus of these B2B marketing leaders walks this same line. Countless solutions are focused on giving better insights to sales and marketing and making them smarter about their processes. Thinking about these processes before looking for new technology allows B2B marketers to identify gaps and adopt solutions that don’t require starting anew, but rather leverage current processes and add additional value.

Go with what sticks

The majority of B2B marketing solutions offer trial periods or other ways to prove value before purchase. This time allows marketers to gauge if new technologies will be able to serve as an extension of their current processes or if the effort to implement them will cost more than the time it saves.

Ultimately, the amount of value you can get from technology is based upon how easily it can be implemented. With marketing budgets at an all-time high, the expected return is soaring as well. The pressure’s on marketing technology vendors to ensure that their solutions are able not only to structurally integrate into existing operations but to properly communicate with them and function as expected. If the solution doesn’t fit seamlessly into existing processes, there’s no reason to use it as chances are another one will.

Check back next week for the webinar recording and a deeper dive into the conversation!

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