First on the Scene: How Simplus is Using ABM to Connect with Target Accounts

Making Complex Things Simple

Simplus, a Platinum Salesforce Partner and Oracle Gold Partner and provider of Quote-to-Cash implementations, goes by the mantra, “making complex things simple.” To continue to outpace the other players in their ecosystem, Simplus decided to implement their own mantra when looking at enriching their account data – with the goal of simplifying their processes through analytics and automation. Like many other companies in this space, Simplus had messy, duplicate data issues, and accounts not being routed efficiently within their organization.

When speaking to Rob Morris, Director of Inside Sales at Simplus, he shared that his journey with an ABM solution started with the questions: “What can we do better from a lead gen perspective? What do we need from an ABM partner and can this partner help us improve our sales cycle with more accurate, real-time data?” So we took a deeper dive to flesh out the main challenges Simplus was facing, how they tackled them and how 6sense helped Simplus accomplish their sales goals.

The first step and priority for Simplus was data cleansing and enrichment. Simplus was an early customer of ZenIQ, and once 6sense/ZenIQ merged, Simplus was able to replace multiple ABM point solutions with the single 6sense revenue orchestration platform.

Getting Focused on the Right Accounts

Looking back on life before 6sense, Morris said the inside sales team was manually populating countless fields in their CRM, leaving little time for more important sales and marketing functions. That changed once 6sense was deployed. The time the Simplus inside sales team previously spent looking up missing zip codes, performing account assignments without sufficient data, manually routing leads to the right accounts, and combing through overwhelming amounts of unassigned accounts without sufficient information to prioritize outreach, is now spent by the team on meaningful activities directly tied to revenue-generation. The 6sense platform analytics and features have allowed Simplus to automate this manual work and was a game changer for the Simplus team.

According to Morris, “the inside sales team now has more time to focus on activities that directly impact revenue. We can focus on doing a better job of personalized outreach and surrounding prioritized accounts with targeted and personalized communication, a key element of our ABM strategy”.

With solid analytics supporting its account based strategy, Morris and his team have become more efficient and effective in their ability to message, market and prioritize each account and focus on the things that are important to each buyer. The Simplus team is now maximizing their efforts in a targeted, impactful way, anticipating the buyers’ demands and being the first to address them. And because 6sense is saving the Simplus team time and effort with AI, Simplus continues to say out in front of the pack.

Doing So Much More than Expected

Rob Morris says that the support Simplus has been getting from 6sense is amazing and that he continues to be pleasantly surprised with a solution that provided more than he could have imagined. What began with a data cleansing and appending exercise has opened up a realm of possibilities for Simplus, as their sales team gains perspective in previously uncharted territory – knowing who is coming to their website anonymously or searching the web for solutions and where they are in their buyer journey – enabling Simplus to take targeted and meaningful action in its outreach.

Excited by what 6sense has done for their business so far, Simplus is now looking at how they can continue to expand their account based journey, by using predictive intelligence in their sales outreach to get even more granular with firmographic data and aligning that to their marketing strategy.

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